Spartans Honest First Looks: The Mutsu! Tier 5 Battleship (World of Warships Legends X)

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  1. Notification squad lol

  2. What is more worth its price. Scharnhorst or tirpitz. Whats more fun and worth my money

  3. I’m definitely buying this when I get my PS4 back

  4. I honestly can’t wait for the French ships love the dunkerque and Richelieu ❤️❤️

  5. #Spartan Elite43 wait a moment before you go on a crusade it it’s outfitted with shells from wolrd war 1

  6. I got this ship and was on two brothers first ship I spotted was a graf spee and as I was moving my ship into position to fire he lost about an 1/8 of his health my first salvo deleted him, fucking awesome. I love the mutsu.

  7. I waited until i got your opinion to buy the ship. Im gunna make you proud!

  8. Sorry I’m late good video spartan

  9. If u have a chance to cap the base and win , u do it . Immediately. End of story

  10. MUTSU!!!!

    What an awesome ship part of the
    *BIG 7!!*

  11. WOW that damage on the KGV at 6:00 min for a tier 5 left me with my jaw on the ground

  12. Hey, Spartan just wanted to say thank you very much for your time ,much appreciated all the guides to every single ship I have watched I appreciate the time that you have put into it, it has helped me immensely this is a game that I can actually get into and enjoy, I just wish more people would be more for going on the operation side ,I appreciate your videos and literally everything that I have learned I learned watching your shows and your guides, much appreciated ,thank you for your commitment and it will be reciprocated, Thomas Calton out also known as TAC707 deeznuts,just became a member and got a t shirt,I really appreciate your time and effort.

  13. And good day all and you spartan you fantastic videos for warships god job

  14. Playing with my Arizona I 100% destroyed that ship with out trying multiple times so personally I’m not that impressed with it

  15. You neglected to say what rank your commander is, as well as the inspirations and their ranks. This makes a massive difference to gun accuracy on ships like the ijn.

    I run Takeo Takagi on all my IJN BB’s, he’s rank 16 and legendary rank 2, his inspirations are Madden at rank 15 legendary rank 2 and Cunningham at rank 13 legendary rank 2. This gives my BB’s a godlike accuracy… Which irrespective of tier ship they’re on, will punish everything for it.

    When you review a ship, you need to disclose everything, because here you’re ranting about a ship that is likely to be well buffed by your commander, but also has 50mm lower pen than that of the Nagato due to its ww1 era shells.

    They also didn’t just give it torpedoes because they felt like it, it’s historically accurate. Much like it would be if the Amagi, Colorado, Orion and more had torpedoes.

    • I didnt neglect that at all literally said it is a Takeo dispersion build same as my Amagi .

      I also didnt say they slapped torps on it. I know it was an actual ship.

      I simply said this is a Nagato at tier 5 and it gets 7km torps…

      It has the stock Nagato hull and 50mm less pen just means those 410mm are less likely to over penetrate

    • @Spartan Elite43 lol, you stated dispersion build sure…

      But you neglected to mention ranks, which has a bearing on how powerful those skills are and in turn that dictates how much it impacts the ship. It was a biased review, slanted towards calling it op without actually looking at the ships downsides and what makes it different from the Nagato.

      Ultimately your honest review wasn’t honest.

  16. So for $40 you could get the Mutsu or the Graf Spee. Why would you get the Graf when the Mutsu can do everything the Graf can do but better.

    I really think WG needs to fix their pricing. A tier V Battleship should be more expensive then a tier V Cruiser. But that’s my opinion

  17. If ya go by torpedoes, the Arazona should have had them if you look at the wiki page for it.

  18. What’s your captain build for this ship?

  19. So is this kind of a pay to win scenario? I see some saying it’s not op (probably people who bought the ship) if it is op it’s a sad day for regular players.

  20. Nice review mate. I think World of Warships Legend is a haven for ships lover gamer, everything still balance. Take a look on the PC meta where you will find the power creep of guns reload time, more torpedoes, more speed, more planes, more conceal ship… and even more armor layout which make a Yamato can not over match the bow armor of T5 battleship (yeah, the russian).
    So guys enjoy your game to the fullest on this console version, and I hope wargaming won’t mess up this Wows Legend the way they did to PC version.

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