Speaking Tactics & Mind Process Out Loud – World of Warships

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Ship on screen is French tier 9 tech tree cruiser Brest, which I do like, and I decided to speak out loud every mind process and plan for the entire battle. What am I gonna do and why, what I expect to happen, what I hope to achieve and how I am going to go about it.

Hopefully you enjoy and fund it useful 😉

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  1. Well played dude, this is excellent mate really helpful. I realize I’m 100% aggressive from the outset, even with BB’s and I need to start playing a bit safer.

  2. I like the running commentary.

  3. please do more of this. maybe then, in a few hundred years, the game may be playable again. based on what i see every time i play, i think ‘run to the back and hide til the end’ are the current preferred options, but i just cannot play those games.

  4. @richardosuave5137

    Really like this ship and the T10. The guns are super punchy and BB cits are not unusual. Great match Flambass.

  5. Frankly, I’ve watched so many of his WoWs videos on YouTube I’ve already pieced together his thinking process and play style. So much so, that when I play, I’m always thinking “What would Flambass do?” One key area is recognizing when torps have probably been launched at you.

    • I watched flambass play for a year before I started myself. Same thing, what would flambass do? Was a key part of my style and the reason I was never below a 50 percent win rate.

    • thats honestly the best thing ive learned, ive eaten a lot less torps since watching Flambass, Trenlass and Jingles

  6. Interesting ! Please do more of this 🙂

  7. @richard_zanormous3648

    Nice game Flambass, another person already commented about it, but I’m saying it too. Your running commentary is great. Really demonstrates how a professional player acts and thinks. Great job coach! Now, if WG would curb the RNG and potato forgiveness, skilled players will be allowed to be rewarded for playing well. But unfortunately, WG seems to want the 50/50 WR regardless of how people play to make everyone happy payers. I get it, but it’s turned me off. Skill should be rewarded not throttled.

  8. Well played.

  9. Watching a battle with you providing commentary and explaining your moves is really entertaining and educational 👍would be nice to see more videos like that! I remember a while back you made a few “School of WoWs” vids, this reminded me of those

  10. “Submarines are so OP”
    Also submarine: dies in the opening of the battle due to a CV spotter plane

  11. I miss these tactics videos of yours. I remember you did a series of them a few years ago. Please do more.

  12. Really interesting and informative. Thanks Flambass and GG!

  13. Excellent play!

  14. @RasmusDyhrFrederiksen

    Tier for tier, I prefer Brest over Marseille. Lovely guns. 8 guns in front and all that mobility is so much fun.

  15. I am seldom home to watch your twitch but all your videos are interesting or fun to watch. that one is even more interesting as you explain why you take these decisions! Long Live FLambino!!

  16. It was nice to see you get some support on the flank. thanks for posting….

  17. I liked this style of video. Not that I think this should be what you do all the time, but it was a nice change

  18. I agree with the rest of the class: THIS is the type of vid I prefer watching. It’s not your results that fascinate me, or your comic genius (*ahem*)—-it’s more about how you play, how you approach situations and why. ‘Preciate your content, dude!

  19. Nice tactics video. Thanks for posting.

  20. Am I the only one chuckling to myself thinking of Jingles when he does a Breast video 😂

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