Speshul & Funny World of Warships moments compilation – Episode 28

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Speshul compilation for yet another speshul Sunday. I hope you enjoy it and have fun watching.

Thank you and have fun watching 😉
@World of Warships Official Channel @Flambass

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. Some people take cocaine, some people take ketamine. Me? I am a QUACKEN junkie 🙂

  2. holy shit that Khaba clip was brilliant

  3. A Google User anonymous

    Flambass could we see you playing an unusual ship like the Grozovoi?

  4. 8:59- welcome to the average player’s game experience. Happens almost every battle.
    Just sayin’

  5. 6:47 OMG… thx Flambass… one of the most hilarious moment ive seen in YT

  6. “I would take all the toxic HE spammers out of the game” 3 min later: Plays Smolensk ……. ; D

  7. The moron in the Halland basically only plays Premium ships, mostly the broken ones, like Stalingrad or Smolensk. In the Halland he has 35% WR… well he has 45% WR with Satlingrad and 44% with Smolensk so you just know he is that absolute cancer farmer player that will try hard to loose. I think suicide was actually positive for the team.

  8. I love how upbeat the out-tro music is. It just brightens my mood.

  9. Flambass: fires 18″ AP into full broadside BB
    Flambass: *speechless*
    Me: Finally, someone else gets to experience my everyday pain and suffering.

  10. 6:50 When you have to eat a big ol’ plate of crow.

  11. 8:41 I so laughed at the fact, that the game lagged for a bit, to decide, whether to give more than one hit. You clearly need higher bribes to unlock the right RNG DLC.

  12. I love Sunday mornings with fresh hot coffee and a dose of “SPESHUL!!” 😉

  13. canadian_gamerzs lol

    put the medal on the back he says ….i cant the kick me sign is taking up all the room

  14. Back when I was a little noob i thought everyone at tier 10 was as good as flambass and flamu. That Halland is an example of how wrong I was

  15. These remind me that everyone has days where you hit one out of 9 shells, and it’s an overpen. I get those let me shot here moments and get the citadel, or kill once in a while. Those are my thank you RNG god moments.

  16. that smolensk moment, when he received Karma – when wearing the right shirt for it 😀

  17. The only time HE was used in naval warfare was for shore bombardments and against thinks like cargo vessels which had no armor but where often loaded with things that love to explode. Most ships fired semi armor piercing shells not just Italian cruisers. The reason for that is because the penetration was so much that a full armor pircing shell would pass though doing minimum damage on the target. Other than the ships paint and the deck planks nothing was really that flammable on the outside of a ship. Most ships lost by fire was because the fire spread to areas deeper inside of the ship. This was the worse for aircraft carriers because of the large open spaces below the flight deck for storing the aircraft, fuel and munitions for them. This would be remedied by the use of shutters and compartments and flight deck armoring.

  18. entertaining as ever, thanks for the content,
    Those US 18″ guns…. i stopped playing them after spending a few months thinking I should be able to make these work better…. Its just me, dont bitch, just be better….

  19. I’d rather die in 1 or 2 volleys with citadels than get HE spammed and burned to the water line

  20. “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”

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