St. Vincent First Match – World of Warships

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New british tech tree tier X battleship, the St. Vincent.

457mm guns, fast reload, relatively short range but manageable, few crazy torps, good speed, decent gun angles (all up front).

This was my 1st and only match in it so far and I’ll definitely be taking it out more.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hey, my CATCH boys going strong in second!

  2. WOW, 7 enemy ships in 1 corner..
    3 enemy killed leaves how many on rest of map?
    Talk about a bad team.

  3. “I can outrun them right?”
    *Iwami entered the chat*

  4. That’s exactly why I love the St.Vincent, being able to pull off these very agressive end-game maneuvers due to it’s hard hitting guns and torps combined with speed and a super heal. Pulled this sorta push off a couple times so far 🙂

  5. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Seeing a notification from Flambass used to just mean an entertaining video, now it also comes with a reassurance that he’s still alive.

  6. Ship design looks like the art department have been playing too much Ultimate Admirals Dreadnaughts

  7. 6:38 that’s why 12-20km torps in BBs are a stupid idea, potatoes think they are destroyers and try to use them all the time, even doing those low IQ maneuvers.

  8. Surprised this game does not have a default selection option for shell type for each ship. Or just default to SAP/AP for all ships at the start of a match.

  9. it’s a thunderer with worse armor and maneuverability and 1 more gun. I’d take my thunderer over it every time (I fought 3 at once killing all 3 before dying to a fire caused by the last one) but for a techline ship it’s really really strong. I don’t blame people for liking it. if you missed the chance to get the thunderer this is a fantastic alternative, especially with those torps. shame about it’s firing angles and poor armor. but its still stupid strong non-the-less

  10. If you pause right before the ending, you’ll see that his team only needed 26 points to win, meaning that a single kill would’ve brought them to 1000 points, yet he even managed to get 2.

    • Thank the tick rate. It’s the same reason you can be 0.0 on the capture time remaining, and get reset or coast out of the cap and not actually capture it.

      That being said, I’m not taking away from his double strike, he earned it and it was clean.

  11. loving this cruiser so much. my ranked experience with it has been a blast. made me wonder why incomparable even exists when this thing plays better

    • Because Incomparable is a Stealth battleship, entirely unique. It’s not designed to be the same as the St.

    • just in case, its a BB xD (might be a BC, but a Cruiser?^^)

    • where incomparable shines is ranked without CV, often delete radar cruisers on the 1st volley before they even realize you are there . its pretty niche though and requires finesse, its definitely more scalpel than sledgehammer, like an anti-schleiffen.
      Where incomparable struggles is with GK or anything it cant reliably citadel. St Vincent is definitely going to do better vs brawlers because of those torp angles and big guns, also better armor even if its still not tanky.

  12. Could have gotten more out of the superheal, hopefully he learned that it has one in later games

  13. That looks like a tier V soviet ship.

  14. Your the best Flambass

  15. I just had a game in my st vincent where I did 360 k damage, second highest recorded damage on NA so far. This ship is hella fun.

  16. Really love st vincent, im a sucker for fast bbs and BC’s, and this thing hits all the right notes. The guns smack, shes fast, the conceal is strong, the torps are hilarious, and the super heal is amazing.

  17. St. Vincent looks like the mutant spawn of a Renown and a Richelieu.

  18. This ship looks like Nelson and fuso had a baby 😂

  19. Well played at the end! Nice one.

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