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  1. Which version has the 2.25 sigma? AP only or AP & HE?

  2. BB guns with Cruiser accuracy and 16 sec reload, This happens

  3. Interessantes Schiff.

  4. Andredesmoinesew

    Yeah that is not a cruiser at all.

  5. Stalingrad this version is Bb slayer

  6. Werde ich nie besitzen… 😥

  7. I prepare 1.3 mil free exp for that, is that enoght

    • cong bu In fact this belongs to reward of Clan battle…

    • So save your free exp for Worcester xd

    • You get it for receiving 3 Stalingrad flags. You get 1 per season of CW, need 30 wins in Typhoon / Hurricane league to get the flag. Looks like you’ll be able to get it for steel and coal with the new shop. But that requires Ranked / CW (predominantly) to gain.

    • and maybe they are willing to give coal and steel for personal missions, too. but that won’t be that much as you can get in CW/Ranked ofc.

  8. It’s the STALINgrad, I’m surprised it doesn’t shoot Ion cannons.

  9. Эрдни Цеденов

    After all, USSR had projects to create superbattleships – analogues of “Montana” and “Yamato” – Project 23 “Soviet Union” and Project 24.

    • Эрдни Цеденов I’ve seen some of the design specs, we’re looking at totally unrealistic vessels.

    • Эрдни Цеденов

      James Ricker, i know. The construstion of these ships is only a question of prestige. No more.

  10. Comrade Stalin the new cruiser named after the heroic city of Stalingrad has cruiser level dispersion for its 305mm guns and can achieve 36 knots! …
    Please don’t send me to Siberia.

  11. 12:45 Torpedobeats !

  12. This can’t be a Russian ship……not enough rust.

  13. No gulag for you today

  14. don’t get it, wg said they wouldn’t make a premium tier 10

  15. There’s one way against stalingrad or actually any given battleships, which is to take out the ships supporting him. when he is blind when he can’t see anything or torpedoes/HE coming from every direction, this ship is then completely underwehlming.

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