Stalingrad – 359K dmg and 3400 base XP – World of Warships

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  1. i think one of the most insane things about the Stalingrad is the reload.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Nope, the most insane thing is the AP that hits harder than how it should be as a supercruiser.

    • mark brandenburg

      I was just thinking that myself. Especially with the Italian line announced. Tier 10 with 20 second reload on 8 inch guns?! I know it has 15 of them but damn, this Stalingrad was shooting it’s 12 inchers like every 14, 15 seconds with adrenaline rush.

    • Mugas Sudiyantoro

      My Jean Bart can burst 3 salvo of 380mm within 30s

  2. Александр Скопич

    За Сталинград всегда палец вверх))

  3. What the name of outro song?

  4. Wow this id, stalingrad_needs_buff, what a gay.

  5. YT comments saltier than in-game comments confirmed.

  6. having the ability to farm a broadside GK for 100k while not being shot at for 5 mins is nice

  7. Артем Бояринцев

    I guess Wargaming have forgotten why BBs in their game have bad dispersion. And now we get Stalingrad and Slava.

  8. Good game comrade

  9. And yet this is ‘Balanced’ according to the WG

  10. This fckin ship should be delite or do more nerf

  11. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    That hindenburg insults him when take 11k damage to well angled CA ☺️☺️

  12. This kind of division is what can make randoms so frustrating; These are 3 good players in division, not a monkey triple Conq division, they worked around the side of the opposing advance and this Stalin had the entire enemy fleet broadsiding him for about 12 minutes. No threat of fire, GK was able to tank, and no worry of torps, as his Shimakaze chum had him covered. They carried the game, so any single player on the other could not make a real difference.
    Beautiful shooting though, Stalingrad really rewards good shooting, I have it too, it it feels like it rewards you for all your hard-earned skill.

  13. Who here is sick of hearing every ship is over powered, broken. This term is used willie nilly, every ship has its strength and weakness.

    • No, not every ship is broken. However, only few ships are broken but stalingrad is above broken, it is a stupid ship. T9 BB health, very good AA, 50mm plating so can’t be overmatched, 35 knots, good range, and above all the overly ridiculous 2.7 sigma… The sigma of T10 ships lies between 1.7 and 2.1 I believe. WHY 2.7 for the Stalingrad, like WTF ?

  14. гоогле гооглев

    Не интересно

  15. Reload of Stalingrad is a little bit long as 15 seconds

  16. Stalingrad needs buff

  17. Its like i had a dejavu, but i was in the enemy Team that just got farmed down 😮
    RNG is never on my side to give me just SOME logical thinking mates 🙁

  18. CynicallyObnoxious

    Stalingrad literally doesnt even need HE

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