Stalingrad BATTLESHIPCRUISER – World of Warships

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  1. Nice balance. Cruiser bow-tanks Yamato. Wins.

  2. Dreamteam Gaming [D-T-G]

    Holy patatoe stalingrad is awesome

  3. Kremlin+Moskva= stalingrad, Sov soyuz+dm donskoi= Kronshtadt

  4. Only bothered grinding for it in the last clan season, makes all other ships feel underpowered and undergunned, but the rudder shift and turning is absolutely abysmal

  5. 17:57 31/03/2020 coronavirus result of good and bad players !! this man did not know how to use consumables

  6. well balanced ship 😀

  7. kek, ukranean player playing on Stalingrad :)))

  8. Is there any sense taking her when Petro will come out? I’ll use my steel for Bourgogne I think

  9. Großer Kurfürst losing to Stalingrad? Battleships have a hard time sinking it but not for Stalingrad. Nice 😂

  10. The downfall of WoWs started with this ship…

  11. I hate wargaming for putting this ship behind a steel wall…. I work evenings and never ever have a chance to do clan matches.

  12. Reagan Tang Lei Gen


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