Stalingrad for everybody ? World of Warships

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  1. link to the reddit:
    i am not sur what to think about this…on the 1 hand i like the idea that only very few player will get this ship for sucsess in clanwars – on the other hand its not fair for ppl that cant play CW for whatever reasons… what you think ?

    • cocospatra totally agree. More Russian bias 😉

    • I agree too. They should get special camous or flags with good benefits like in “King of the Seas” instead of a complete ship.

    • well many players dont play clan battles so it would be nice to get it BUT its should be hard VERY HARD

    • WG is cheater and prevaricator

    • Totally agree. Clan battles are mostly for fun. My clan for example is made of people that really plays occasionally. there were days that we were unable to put together enough players to form 1 team!  And honestly I don’t really see the point to give to very strong players another OP ship. I would rather prefer an approach like Musashi or Missouri.  In exchange for free XP.

  2. wonder what will come of this

  3. So where’s Alaska, Ishikari, Project 1047 and O

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Kristof Kolumbus who says it has to be at tier X? They can add as a tier 7 togheter with ishikari….nah is WG anti axis bias

    • ok, so than you would choose between Gn. Sch. and O – what would you choose ? I prefer Gn. either.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan
      WG anti Axis bias
      – *USN* ships (not as bad as IJN, but still, y no moar cruiser/Alaska?)
      -Other European ships (Italian, *Dutch, Greece* , Scandinavian…)
      – *British* ships… “problems”

      Yup, anti Axis indeed
      More like “Screw everything but Russian Bias” I think

    • KW45 would be cool.

    • tamenga88
      The Alaska class belongs to a battle cruiser tree for the US Navy, at the TVIII level to be more accurate, the British and Germans also need but urgently their own branches of battle cruisers, we do not need more premiums, it is unfair, NO Everyone can access the premiums, including me.

  4. Confused Blue Dragon

    Personally I think this move just defeats the purpose of Stalingrad being a reward ship specifically for the absolute best players in the game, in fact *only* for the best that not even the Devs are allowed to bend their own rules and play that thing whenever they want…

    However, there is recent news of the Cruiser Kronstadt being teased for the Soviet branch, and I bet that will be finalized as a T-9 Free-XP ship like Missouri and Musashi for example…

    • Confused Blue Dragon the thing is tho with ranked u don’t have to be that good u can ride the coat tails of the better players if u have enough time to grind it out. I didn’t have that much time to grind ranked sadly but am not a shabby cruiser player having challenges would make it a lot of fun too give u something to do n not just grind like normal. As well as a chance to prove ur own worth not just rellying on other to do their part ya know

  5. Stalingrad for everybody? YES PLEASE

  6. Nothing new, they told it before first season of CW that there will be chance to get Stalingrad by different game activities. I am ok with that if players that won Stalingrad in cw will get something different (Salem?).

  7. I back this and am in a competitive clan. As long as players achieve these (hopefully) quite challenging tasks, they should be able to have it too.

  8. I WANT STALINGRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Where’s your camo???

  10. They can make a series challenging missions for Stalingrad like what they did in WOT Obj. 260 mission, etc.


  12. Just asking,Is thee any difference between Stalingrad and Moskva?

    • 3×3 305 mm guns instead of 220 mm 😉 , there are probably more but there are few details besides the ones shown on the video released a few days ago…

    • Wow thats gonna be butt hurting for all T10 cruisers

    • Eclipse indeed the rate of fire probably is gonna be 20 secs tho… I just remember you can watch the T9 Kronstadt announcement video by Panzer, there you can get a good picture of the Stalingrad stats since they re both almost the same..

  13. Wargaming FIBBER, LIAR, DECEIVER

  14. maybe like the ARP-missions…

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