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The Stalingrad is a Steel Tier 10 Soviet Cruiser. It has 9x 305mm guns, which are really accurate. This is a highlight from Twitch, and as you may have noticed, and therefore, sarcasm is used in this highlight. 🙂

Price: 28,000 Steel

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment or a like. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

0:00 Game
18:50 Score


  1. Again Hiden or we Riot 😉😂🙃😜

  2. super BB on J line, doesnt shoot you when you peek out after killing the fdg, imagine bbs using 1% of their brain power man, super bbs use half a neuron max , good game tho Bigfan ( A M O G U S )

  3. Powerful Soviet battleship lol and I want to see your Venezia play too.

  4. how broken is sTaLIngrad big fan btw

    • Honestly Stalingrad is a lot like Slava- only great against stupid players. You can wreck broadsides with their monster AP, but the moment someone angles you’re relegated to being an HE spammer.

      Dumb players make these ships so good, which is why they’re seen as so strong

    • It’s Evrien Pog

  5. Nice vid! More Balancegrad always good.
    Big Fan btw

  6. This Petro kinda looks weak.

  7. Soon I will have enough steel to buy my first steel ship.. confused between Stalingrad and Bourgogne 🙁
    I love the Russian guns and enjoy Republique quite a lot, but that is because of its sub 20 seconds reload with 30mm overmatch. Bourg would be fun I guess. The fact that I can smash BBs in Stalingrad sounds quite fun, but I hate the 60 seconds burn time 🙁

    • Bourgogne is a lot more fun, honestly.

    • bourgogne for fun factor, stalingrad for meta value. It all boils down to what you would preffer to do in each battle

    • Don’t buy either, Mecklenburg is getting added as a Steel ship !

    • I got the bourgogne first, no regrets. Very fun, flanking and as an influencer there. Often go to weak side (fast) and then kite away as needed to give my team a chance to take the other side. Of course, you know how that goes with some teams. 🤣🤣 Best accuracy of any French BB (or so it seems).

  8. 2nd Video of Stalingrad ? i like it!

  9. Ruben van der Vliet

    Yes! More of these random games, I just enjoy watching you rip some potatoes apart

  10. And people call petro worse than stalingrad lmao

    • No one does though? People call Petro a better Stalingrad.

    • @dzello i mean worse for the game

      Stalin is a better petro imo

    • Stalingrad can at least get punished when broadside, and get HE spammed harder due to its larger 25mm sections + 60s fires, indeed I personally prefer playing Stalingrad, but it’s the tankiness that makes Petropavlovsk so annoying to fight.

    • @MalteseKnight thats true but for some reason everytime i catch a petro broadside at any range its free citadels. And it doesn’t matter if thats in yoshino, Gk, bourgogne or even some t9 ships.
      Also i find petro quite frustrating to play because the guns feel like worse gk turrets most of the time. While petro is more forgiving for bad players, i would say Stalingrad is the more dangerous ship when played by good players, purely because of the guns

  11. I still think Stalingrad’s guns are the best guns in the game. So bloody accurate and consistent.

  12. What’s with the constant manual secondaries selection lol. Just wondering 🙂 Just a force of habit?

  13. I thought this is a none-commentary video when I don’t hear MalteseKnight voice for almost 2 minutes

  14. maltaMadge what is this sarcasm in a channel intended for MATURE audiences?
    Hope this does not tarnish the reputation of the serious and Biggest maltse wows strimmer that sends me greetings at 1:57 maltaPog
    !discord fan BTW!!!

  15. superships A M O G U S

  16. Two Stalingrad games and still not one Yahagi? You even got a Kraken, that’s a full heal in Yahagi! I’m sure you can get 285 000 damage in a Yahagi too, I trust!

  17. I hate Kuznetzov. He rewards you for getting rekt. Thats so dumb.

  18. These are paid actors… how come I never get people like this!?!

  19. you should show your build in these videos for the youtube bois

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