STALINGRAD – KOHLE – STAHL – 8 vs 8 CLANWARS || World of Warships

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  1. for you english speaking guys 🙂 you can activate subtitles OR : what i am basicly say is that everybode will be able to get the “high-tier ” content like STALINGRAD – Flint and other stuff in the future by collecting a new currency called steel and coal. there will be a ” high- tier Shop ” where you can buy this with (steel and coal). You can earn steel in Clanbattles, Ranked and maybe some new crates. best regards

  2. Germans should not like Stalingrad

  3. interesting news, thanks!

  4. What is CA

  5. “””CRUISER”””

  6. New king of T10 cruisers?

  7. A͢҉͝w̴̧o͞҉͟e̛̕҉ĺ̢͠k̸̨͢͞ç͢͡h҉̢̛͞é̶͜ǹ̡͡

    Also im Endeffkekt nur ein recht großer Zeitaufwand, so wie beim Yamamoto Kapitän? Freut mich. 🙂

  8. Russian Bias confirmed

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