Stalingrad + Midway = 12 kills |||| World of Warships

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  1. First- and thanks, Panzer, for all these great replays. You’re a true speaker for the WOWS community- and I thank you profusely for such.

  2. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    Russian bias + Americano Planes = Literally the worst thing for the enemy team; and I mean the whole enemy team!

    Ha get it, cause it’s 12 kills and…. *lowers head*

  3. Excellent game there. OP comes to mind.

  4. Love the idea of ship cv vid!

  5. Сталика нерфить срочно xD

  6. His team tried to lose the game. He: how about “NO. I get 10 kills. BEGONE!”

  7. Stalinium. Nuff said.

  8. pirireis4545 sarıpınar

    war gamıng nerf nerf stalıngrad….. gamer you game over cold cold pehhhhh stalıngrad nerf

    • Once it is released it should not be nerfed badly, since people spent money on it, not fair. Or they should not release it in the first place

    • I cannot understand why all player want to nerf every new ship released by WG. It is true that Stalingrad is a strong ship, bud it does not allways depend on ships. If you have skills you do not have to be afraid of this ship, except british cruiser where you can penetrate their armor from all sides. Did you have a look how the enemy team was playing, most of the time they were showing their broadside, what do you expect than get killed.

    • Владислав Волохов

      +Dusan Medakovic Stalingrad just Yamato-like ship. Huge, bad armoured, but this guns… Amazing.

    • +Владислав Волохов
      Yeah that’s true but many people complain how overpowered this new ships are, but if you know how to angle against these ships you cannot be killed that fast. For example a Yamato cannot do much damage to a Friedrich der Große and Friedrich has not guns like Yamato. But if you broadside like this players in the video, you get killed very fast.

    • Владислав Волохов

      +Dusan Medakovic if you always broadside soviet t9-t10 you will be killed anyway. Doesnt matter, against who, Kronstadt or Moskva, or Khabarovsk. Do not broadside soviets, it will finish bad for you?

  9. Lol i was in this game

  10. So much OP 😛

  11. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    Stalingard is huge @_@

  12. OP POWER

  13. 9:15 Cita on Yam 14kms? OP stalinium…

  14. Stargate et yoshi dans l’équipe ennemie, game vite finie ! (proverbe fr)

  15. Hahahaah, could easily been 12 kills for the Stalingrad. Even as Platoon mates cvs ruin your highlights XD

  16. If only I had the steel…..

  17. Kakav deda takav unuk

    Stalingrad is the most bias ship in the game. No one can hit him, he can hit everybody. I missed this ship from 6 km with my GK, because my shells (full broadside) has some unexplained dispersion.

  18. The cammo is OP lol

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