Stalingrad murder YAMATO with CITADELS || 300k Damage 7Kills || World of Warships

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  1. First! An honourable death

  2. Finally here before soyboys come in complaining that Stalingrad is broken

  3. First comment and … I read the title, and I say “ehhh, I’m not surprised at all” for several reasons:
    -The Yamato class in the game has a citadel as big as a mountain.
    -The Stalingrad class never entered service, so it is almost certainly OP.
    -This ship in question is “Made in Russia” and the game in question in Russian, does not surprise me at all.
    So that mutilation of Yamato in the hands of an incomplete Russian ship (the same with that Neptune at minute 11:53) should not surprise the veterans of this game.
    The battle as such, was a little “eh”, not really memorable or epic if you ask me.

    • i can’t agree more

    • Let me guess, you don’t have Stalingrad, and won’t be getting it any time soon?

    • Dude, it’s not that she was incomplete but cancelled due to such system is getting old and outdated. Her gun is very powerful 305mm/62 not those that was installed on dreadnought-BBs and loaded up with modern (at that era) ammunitions. Stop getting butthurt over an arcade video game especially the one that full of bullshit technical characteristics for the sake of game balance.

  4. 12:15
    Stalingrad: “This is how you do VERY HONORABLE!”

  5. lul mancaso 😀
    nice game

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Nothing special here in regards to the title. Just your average Yamato scrub broadsiding it’s massive citadel to a Stalingrad. When will people realise Stalingrad’s guns despite being 305mm 62cal MATCH Colorado 406mm 45cal penetration… oh yeah and they go at Moskva shell speeds – good luck thinking you can dodge those well.

    • Павел Коровкин

      Moskva would do the same. From the bow turrets it would be 20-25k per volley and 30-35k with all turrets. actually as well as HIV, desmoines, and hindi.

  7. a guess a better title would be “Stalingrad murder NEPTUNE with CITADELS” 11:50

  8. Great game.. Amaizing ship…

  9. the real question here is, can Stalingrad citadel GK?
    even babys know everybody can citadel Yamato, the only T10 BB with real citadel

  10. this ship do citadelles in evry angle like alaska that comes soon there bowth heavy cruisers almost bbs how the hell tiers 8 or 9 compete whit that

  11. Russian bias BS here to kill another good game

  12. Stalingrad is an absolutely imbalanced ship, with railguns, increased normalization of AP shells.
    She is actually a BB placed in a stack of CA.
    WG is working very hard in their persistent attempts to kill that game.

  13. Anyone else think that Kurfurst at the end deserves the “Steel Wall” achievement that is in World of Tanks for being able to stay alive despite being focused by the entire team there at the end only to be sunk because of a ram?

    • 11:15 Eleven minutes in battle, 9 allies sunk and somehow you are almost full HP (80k out of 106k). Someone might say GK was camping. If not, bad play on his own because of the very bad HP management

  14. Nicht schlecht für ein Schiff, dass in echt nur bei Waffentests versenkt wurde.😜

  15. a Cruiser thats Citadelling ANGELED BBs . Yeah for sure Wargaming .

    • kmI play Yamato and had same situations…its totaly crazy because i cant penetrate Stalingrad by 450mm gun but stalingrad citadeling my Ymanato easily….distance about 7-8km……what can i say

  16. der clan panzerknacker werden teilweise frech im chat im ranked und da passiert nichts

  17. First honorable Japanese samurai must be rewarded with great sacrifice and bravery🇯🇵
    Second Russian have Russian heavy bias🇷🇺 in WoWs⚓️

  18. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    wtf is this? 93 hits 20 citadels? Like a couple of citadels each salvo?? That’s why I don’t play this game anymore…RNG and premiums and buffed new ships to grind for, before they get nerfed to the ground in favor of the newer additions… Milk them all WG

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