Stalingrad Superheavy Cruiser or Light BB ? World of Warships

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  1. Either way, Russian bias is present

  2. Wie macht man dass der genaie HP stand und das Schiff über den Spielern dauerhaft angezeigt werden?

    • Jonathan Meilaender

      SwatGamer_ HD In Settings findet man “Alternative Battle Interface” und stellt es dauerhaft an. Es kann sein, das es auf Deutsch jedoch einen anderen Namen hat.

  3. Ich würde Schlachtkreuzer sagen

  4. Useless ship, its clumsy doesn’t have he and can’t fight bb’s

    • prob you watch different replay from that whe watch!!!!

    • Empoleonman522the2

      well a broadside bb is a rather easy target for any ship really….if the bbs nose in they are practically unkillable to stalingrad (save for superstructure shots which overpen… cannot outlast t9 and t10s….though the tier 8s may have an issue due to dpm difference…..though they have he)

  5. given that the Soviets were bound by the second London Naval treaty thru the Anglo-Soviet naval accord?

    It is a BB/BC both in legal definition and tactical/practical application.

  6. Guten tag mine Freunden – how was that PK!

  7. Miroslav Tordaji

    super heavy cruiser or light battleship?………or simply BATTLECRUISER?

  8. Товарищ Сталин одобряет этот корабль! Да!

    • на деле без фугасов это будет очень тяжкий ситуативный крейсер. такой же как хабаровск – ни точки взять ни засветыч сделать, только аутизм, который бесполезен если команда противников фугасов не боится. Так же и тут – бортоходов не будет и яматыч не зассыт и чо ты с ним делать будешь пукалками своими?

  9. Empoleonman522the2

    I still don’t see where she is op….I just see poor saps caught in a crossfire and deeming the Stalingrad the lesser of 2 evils to broadside to…….or the occasional potatoe….sometimes I cant tell. We must also remember she is new and not everyone understands her way of fighting….did I also forget to mention in high tiers trying to actually pick off a threat usually makes you THE target for the entire enemy fleet…..still….WHY ISNT SHE A TIER 8 BATTLESHIP WARGAMING (maybe that “store” thing they are setting up for reward ships wont take to long to set up and I can grind out the special currency in a year or so…….)

    • Empoleonman522the2 why the fuck should Stalingrad be a t8? It’s not a battleship it’s not a cruiser but either way it is a t10, anything else wouldn’t make sense timeline wise, t10 is late ww2 to early 50s thus Stalingrad faces its potential foes at t10

    • Empoleonman522the2

      eh…..I know she fits the tier quite well its just the salt of “only those with the skill (way to much free time) to get 30 wins in whichever league they said (because again they have WAY to much time) can earn (get for just playing the game……fair enough their I guess…) this amazing vessel”……still could be worse…..kronstadt is more powerful tier for tier for now atleast and she’ll almost certainly be the free xp ship

  10. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Battlecruiser Stalingrad. WG Battlecruiser Line when? If not Stalingrad in her current form is perfectly suited as a T8 Battleship.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer so you’re saying a ship that seems borderline overpowered at tier 10 should be placed at t8 with no adjustments? Just because it’s now classified as a battleship doesn’t change how strong it is

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Obviously they have to remove the 32mm bow and nerf it to maybe 30-27mm – while keeping the 50mm deck and casemate plating.
      Stalingrad has the size of Iowa and the displacement of Amagi or Roma. – all these 3 ships carry much larger guns and armour.
      She could easily be a Russian Battlecruiser version of Roma – with similar tanky armour – and identical ballistic concepts – of long caliber railgun systems.

      Roma would fire 381mm at 850m/s while Stalingrad will fire smaller 305mm at 950m/s.
      (ofcourse they would also have to reduce the sigma or accuracy – but Russian bias I guess).

      It would make sense honestly as – B-65 Ishikari and USS Alaska – would come as T7 Battlecruisers.
      Considering Alaska – was built to rival Scharnhorst and counter the Graf Spee.

      One side of me – wants to put the Kronstadt and Stalingrad in a Battlecruiser Line – for T9/T10 – as these are Second Generation WW2 battlecruisers. While all the first generation ww1 battlecruisers – had armour closer to that of typical battleships – hence they remained as battleships – examples such as Kongou, Amagi, Scharnhorst and KGV.

      The other side – wants to just put them as T7 Battleships – as simply – they are too strong for “cruisers” and it is unlikely that WG will create a battlecruiser line in the first place – not to mention Battlecruiser Amagi and Battleship Roma – closely match it in tonnage.

    • There are not enough Soviet Battlecruisers to warrant a separate BC line.
      The only classic Russian BC is the Tsarists era Borodino class Battlecruisers.

      The reason Stalingrad is lodged as a T10 ship in the cruiser line is that she started out as a 8 x 203 mm gun, 20,000 ton cruiser on paper.
      But then Stalin poked his nose in Naval matters and demanded something bigger.
      At one point the Moskva was also one of the preliminary design of the Stalingrad.

      For the West Stalingrad is the Battlecruiser but for the Soviet Naval nomenclature Stalingrad is still a Heavy Cruiser.
      If you want to see a Soviet interpretation of a battle cruiser in the early 1950s you are looking at a hypothetical ship that pushes around 80,000 tons.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      tamenga88 I know it’s classified as a heavy cruiser – but to shove it as a cruiser – when to the west it is a battlecruiser – is a bit to much.
      I guess it is still a reward ship that only a few will get.

  11. seems to be printing quite a lot of rubels…

  12. Mariyan Denchev

    I like Stalingrad. But too much overpenetration. More than Yamato

  13. gib Alaska now as US counterpart… just made with Freedomium instead of Stalinium

  14. BattleCruiser.

  15. How much freexp will it cost?

  16. its just a bigger moskva and probably won’t be much of a threat as long as you do the golden rule of not go broadside

  17. João Pedro Couto Cruz

    I must say that I liked both Stalingrad and Kronshadt. They would not fit in the soviet BB line, but also couldnt have it’s own branch. Therefore WG did the most logical. Also, they are not ridiculously OP. If you give a bit of broadside, enemy T10 BBs can decimate you. And the secondaries are nothing impressive. I guess they fit more in the role of a second line support, picking off cruisers and escorting DDs.

  18. final music, Can you give me the name?

  19. nice

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