STALINGRAD – Take care of the citadel !! World of Warships

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  1. Kur First

  2. proute proute ferrallette

    Ce navire c’est du grand n’importe quoi

  3. Wie kann man die Lebens Anzeige (oben links und rechts) anzeigen lassen?

  4. That ship is SO op, it can practically citadel under ANY angle. A 2-year-old can shoot citadels with this ship.

    • @Sarp Kaplan also, the concealment doesn’t make it a weak ship. That is an insane joke, hence my earlier comment. Conceal can be an asset or a weakness of a ship, but it doesn’t make a ship bad. Unless of course you have a dd with something stupid like 20km, but that’s just a joke. If you play it just like a battleship you will so swell in it, and make it op. So many people see the cruiser symbol and think boom it’s a des Moines, and then are shocked when it’s nowhere near an then start complaining about how bad of a ship it is. Then you get someone who play bbs and boom you have the most op BB in the game short of Kremlin.

    • @xpaiinlezzz as I’ve been saying you must play her like a BB. Bbs get burned down and can’t escape bad situations. I am genuinely confused why weegee made her a cruiser, as everything else is a BB. You need to play her like a BB. Don’t charge in, don’t show broadside, know your surroundings. I feel so many people see that it’s a cruiser and evaluate her ability to be a cruiser when it’s really not.

    • @Matthew Jacob ehh, just bring a bb instead ? If you compare stalin to a bb stalin is just garbage, not only it lacks alpha it also lacks overmatch. Unless you are fighting a minotaur or something any unicum cruiser or bb will murder stalingrad

    • @Matthew Jacob * Worse HE DPM than some T7 cruisers

      * Citadel bigger than Minotaur

      * Turning circle worse than GK

      * Concealment worse than GK

      * No OM 25/27/30/32

      * Susceptible to all air attacks especially AP DB

      * Long fire duration

      * No access to hydro

      Main problem is that its weaknesses negate its strengths while its strengths does not negate its weaknesses.

      Take for example, its AP pen, an excellent strength. However, it doesnt have OM and it is out spotted by every surface ship, which means they can just angle and completely negate the penetration.

      Another example would be its tankiness of having 50mm bow. This is again negated easily because it is outspotted which means a ship can easily get to its side and kill it. It doesnt turn, it doesnt accelerate, and it have a bigger citadel than Minotaur. Even if it has its sides protected by team/island, it will get easily burned down because huge SS, no way to go dark, long fire duration, and no hope to win the trade back with its abysmal DPM.
      this is written by dolphinprincess, one of the best players in na.

    • @Sarp Kaplan yea, it shouldn’t have good he dpm. If you play it very reserved it is a BB with tiny reload

  5. and then you wonder why the special des moines player in the beginning kept shooting instead of holding fire and going dark and get some health back. Nooooo he kept shooting and showing full broadside. Waste of powerfull ship in early stages of the battle

    • @AnunnakiThe1 yamato could do 28 knots and the hit on the carrier is disputed. I think you get your info from that stupid documentary battle 360. You need to do a better research. Everything the guy told you above is true. Iowa could do 33.5 knots and its guns had almost the same penetration as yamis guns also in real life they would reload faster cause of the less caliber. + better radar Iowa is favoured in a hit and run battle but yamato is favoured in an all in fight

    • We’re talking about des moines, right?

    • @Nikel – yeah………..

    • @Nikel – no I was referring to BB class the Yamato and can relate to her twin Musashi . they were biggest Battleships and deadliest ever built
      here is the data base from WWII database about this nightmare of the pacific ocean
      I am not saying Japanese and Germans were better ? I am saying they were really way , way better than the rest of the world in their technology and weapons , which is why it took entire world to work together in order to stop their madness . the reason Yamato was built ? was because they lacked resources to build a fast and large Naval and arial fleet , and that was due to our efforts cutting the supplies , and the reason Germany lost ? was due to bombing their Ball bearing factories and prevented them from launching more planes tanks and ships , without ball bearings , no machine can drive.

      go read a book or something to learn of things and stop believing political propaganda and B.S

    • @AnunnakiThe1 you talk about disrupting Germany’s ability to build more tanks and aircraft. You do realize that even if they built more shit they couldn’t use it due to fuel and manpower shortages right? Yamota also didnt have better tech than Iowa YOU look into it.

  6. I really wanna get her, I only have 1k steel ?

  7. so balanced ? this ship is a cruel joke

  8. I have stalin and bourgogne and 30k steel

  9. I need 2500 Steel the i got this beast too but no steel event

    • Clan wars?
      I’ve got 2k steel in this clan eason already.

    • @Helloweener i dont play clanwars dont want something i have to do with some kind of Force

    • @Fanatik
      What is the difference of “force” between grinding steel in a event or in clanwars?
      And is not a force when you have 50 members in the clan but you can make two teams with 7 players. When all participate, you don’t have to play every day.
      And everbody nows that it is a game. At least in our clan. When someone can’t come online it is ok.
      And it is more fun than a random, where you stand without support, BB camping behind islands and destroyers avoid the caps.
      As you have more tactics when you play randoms in divison you get a new control about the whole battle strategy.
      I am usually not a fan of games who force you into clans / guilds or whaterver to be successful. I find the point that you have to join a clan to get some benefits in the battle worse . Because you have members who actually don’t want to participate but are only in for the bonus.
      And you have a diffrent gameplay.
      Random, is diffrent from Co-Op, and the clan wars are different from the random battles.

  10. Part of me thinks, “why get the Stalin when I have kremlin?” Then I watch a work of art like this and go, “why not have both?!”

  11. Basicly it’s a OneManArmy ship with Cpt. Kuznetsov. It has the highest carry potential in the game just like in this textbook play game.

  12. just how much armor the stalingrad has? he was handling the battleship shells like nothing..

  13. Nearly lost the match when he took the short turn into B. It allowed the FDG to back him into a corner and ram. Should have gone around the south island and stay angled facing south. This way he could have still killed the Neptune, outrun the FDG and burn/pen it down and stay alive.

  14. enemy Neptune is a new type of genius ;))

  15. Good damage game ….. nothing else …… another person who cares little for team play. Take the shot at a DD if you get the chance.

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