STAY in Formation =) 9 kills and 11 kills || World of Warships

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  1. I’m so early.

  2. First for the Kurfurst

  3. Bro I sent you one Visby replay, i hope it’s good.

  4. Love Krupp Steel <3

  5. Let’s get it, show me what the grind is for

  6. Fabian T - Bone Steak

    Bist wirklich ein verdammt guter Spieler :)👌👍

  7. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    gk gives some of the lowest base xp…. yammy gets much more

  8. Krupp steel power confirm

  9. Evelyn Vallapudas

    Why don’t he even look at torps is it cool or plain stupid

  10. Could have avoided unnecessary damage by shooting his front guns to kill the Amalfi before it could fire off its death torpedoes

  11. 4:15 I’m wondering what is happening at C3.

  12. I’d like to compliment Moskwa too.

  13. Christopher Nguyen

    16:05 wow that was a 50k ap salvo from that moskva on the Shikishima.

  14. Bring this App for iOS pls

  15. If only my GK could do that. My GK sets itself on fire and shoots seagulls.

  16. Hey, you are great, man. I am one of your fans

  17. the performance of the main batteries of the gk is such a joke. Nothing but constant overpens even at close ranges below 13km.

  18. one game in a hundred

  19. i want to know your settings plz

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