Stealth Hakuryu CV Rework – World of Warships

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Sharing a build in the Hakuryu that was introduced with the . Stealth torpedoes are possible and a unique experience, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Carrier Hakuryu Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Heal on planes makes no sense should be on the hull ..what you gona tell your co pilot to get out and fix th engine and patch up the hull in flight

    • +Archduke Sorry to see that my simple statement got your panties all in a knot. You sure seem to have a problem with reading between the lines, and seeing only what you want to see in them.
      I used only TEN words to make my very WIDE point, and then you drag my rather simple attempt at a thought provoking exercise through the muck of “historical basis”? Sad, it must be rather tiring living in your brand of pedantic reality.

      -You seem more interested in making hysterical observations here, rather that “historical” ones (in case you miss it, I’m taking literary liberties using “hysterical” here, and I’m sure you would have missed it as subtlety and nuance don’t appear to be in your argument arsenal).
      -You offer false equivalences and blatant non-sequiturs as “argument”.
      -Even after having to go back and edit only short two sentences, you STILL left many errors in play (not very clear in thought and execution are you?).

      I would gladly try to take your “argument” apart, if only you made a cogent one.
      I suggest that you think more about what you want to say before you put it down, and then proofread it before you post it.
      Better luck next time!

    • ​+Vincent Ray I can’t tell if this is self-fellating /r/iamverysmart cringe or if it’s trolling.

      “I would gladly try to take your “argument” apart, if only you made a cogent one.”
      You write down several paragraphs judging my “argument arsenal” and what “brand of reality” I live in over a 3 sentence comment I edited to fix a quick typo (oh look, you referred to it as 2 sentences. My, what a dullard you must be to not understand what a sentence is or how to count properly! “Not very clear in thought and execution are you?”). But no, you can’t respond to the actual content of the comment itself. Aren’t you the brilliant intellectual.

    • +Archduke I knew you would miss the nuance imbedded within my post, but I wanted to believe in you, that maybe you could! (sigh).
      Thank you for showing us the true “you” on your last post, i.e., a child throwing a tantrum. What’s next in your ad hominem arsenal, a rousing round of “neener…neener…neener”? Perhaps holding your breath and stamping your feet would show me who is boss here?

      Allow me to take leave of your inanity (no misspell, look it up) with a truism I live by as it saves me much time when dealing with idiots such as you have so aptly shown yourself to be; I never argue with idiots as they only drag you down to their level, and then beat you with their greater experience.

      And now I will take my leave of you, allowing you the last word to assuage your fragile ego (the convention of naming yourself “Archduke” only illuminates your subconscious low self-esteem, and delusions of grandeur) into thinking you have “won” your “point”.

    • they are equipped with R2D2 droids

    • +Vincent Ray Cringe overload. Jesus Christ.

  2. Farazelleth has developed a technique for stealth torping , he basically puts the whole wing’s torps a bit after being spotted. It requires a lot of leading though

  3. Stealth Torp? Why not? We have magic radars after all

  4. The purpose is to target campers. Oh my! You never played arty in Wots

  5. Fabiano Schwegmanius

    I like the idea and would love to try it out. Honestly i dont think its gonna be such an overpowered strategy on a player who knows what he is doing. You see the planes coming after 6ish km anyways, so you touch the rudder or speed and all those long range torps will miss by miles, but on stationary campers it might work great indeed. Wouldve liked you to at least refer a little bit to farazelleth though, he might not have come up with this strategy since wargaming mentioned it at the beginning, but he put in a great amount of testing and effort to perfect the exact build you use, so i think he deserves a little mention at the very least.

    • Fabiano Schwegmanius how do u know if notser used his build or not?

    • Fabiano Schwegmanius

      +Toshihiko you can never tell for sure ofcourse, but there is no way he hasn’t heard of fara’s videos and research in such a small community like wows. Again I don’t say he is stealing the idea but Fara deserves more credit for his work imo

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      yeah but this is bb players we’re talking about


  7. The competitiveness and integrity of the game is sacrificed to include carriers.

  8. Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of people whining about CV rework because they see CV’s being strong against bots. You can easily get 200K+ dmg in any ship in PTS and make it feel OP. For example, as a Minotaur in PTS, you can sit in smoke and spam AP because nobody will lob shells or torps into your smoke and feel extremely overpowered. Try that on live, and you will get citadeled back to port by BB’s in 5 minutes. Carriers playing against bots that don’t actively dodge planes, launch catapult fighters, use captain skills and modules will not be an accurate reflection of the live server.

    The CV rework PTS is significantly more balanced and easier on surface ships than what we have on the live server. Carriers can’t loiter squads and permaspot. They can’t even devstrike lone ships away from the main fleet. Even weak AA ships can generate flak puffs that will cause a lot of pain to a CV captain who isn’t paying attention. AA cruisers like Worcester and Minotaur are practically invincible against airplanes.

    • Multiple dots on a ship work against anyone. Everyone has only one dmg repair and AA consumable. As soon as it’s gone, you’re screwed. + the rest of torps and He spam. Gj wargaming.

    • you do not that he is using live person in a training room for most of the cv testing. So few bots. So this will be hell on BB and dd that have crap AA

    • +Colm Corbec DOT is far more preferable against a Midway deciding to delete a ship with AP bombs, or a Hakuryu nuking a DD 3 minutes in via cross drop. On top of that, the biggest advantage of CV’s-the permaspotting, has been entirely cut out.

    • +warp103 Are we watching the same video? The end game screen clearly shows that there are only 3 human players per side. If we take out the carriers, we’re looking at 1 human controlled surface ship per side.

    • warp103 i mean different ships perform differently depends on situation. It just happens to be 50/50 against cv. You either shits on their planes or do littler threat to them. Just like moskva cant out dpm a dm in close range. You dont complain moskva being a poor cqc, then why complain some ships have poor AA.

      Also, now flak is deadly to cv. Even dd’s flak can one shot planes. So cv cant hover on top and ignore dd’s aa anymore

  9. If you were to torpedo yourself, would you go pink?

  10. Notser talks about stealth, but I see 2 Aircraft carriers duelling with their secondaries 🙂

  11. Christopher Jonasson

    Well to me it looks like I will trying out some new games in the near future

  12. god i hate cvs

  13. tripple drop with stealth and unlimited planes… legit rework

  14. Unintentional Good

    i feel like the new gameplay is getting really repetetive after a short time…

  15. We will have to see but I still think the carriers are too strong currently to be part of the game for the sole reason of; there is no threat to the carrier itself. Every other ship risks the ship to put damage on a target, the Carriers do not. They can also very very quickly put damage on a ship anywhere on the map without any risk.

    • Another reason why we need subs to get behind enemy line undetected.

    • +P.J No. It’s all about dimensions. As a ship driver you are forced to move on a plane, then you add planes that can go on 3 dimensions and then you want to add subs, for another one. No way.

  16. This rework will result in a situation when everyone wants to play CVs (cuz they overpowered) and no one, nobody wants to play BB, CA, and of course will be absolutely no sense to play a DD.

  17. The wargaming vodka ruskies are killing the game

  18. Looks like damage doesn’t reduce the AA fires intensity. How many times was that carrier hit? Tonnes. Yet none of it ever reduced its AA fire capability. If carriers took these kind of losses in aircraft for real there wouldn’t be aircraft carriers. AA fire in this game is just TOO intense. How many aircraft did you lose? I couldn’t count them there were so many. Having unlimited planes is ridiculous. CV’s are becoming the arty of WOT. No body likes them, no body wants them and they are just a pain in the arse for everyone including the devs.

  19. Ahhh. The masses crying over CV while watching vids of player CVs fighting in bot games that have nothing specced for AA… and they still shred up those planes pretty good… WITHOUT AA spec.

    Honestly, a Neptune/Mino/Rooster as an example with AA spec is going to be untouchable for anything except maybe the first t10 IJN CV drop. any closer and kiss those planes goodbye. CV haters gonna keep on hating I guess. *Shrug* Its not rocket science to kill some stupid bots.

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