Steven Seagal Visits the World of Warships Team

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  1. Sir Orrin Productions

    is that a stuffed torpedo! I WANT ONE!!!

  2. Wo xD el cocinero!
    Alerta Máxima!!!

  3. Steven had the right idea but the wrong ship. Hurry WOW bring out a
    Missouri for Mr Segal. It would be easy to be tacky about this but Mr
    Segal took the time to come on down and play the game. Kudos to the new
    face of WOW. Don’t worry Dacha I still luv ya.

  4. Is he stoned?

  5. I think of someone from the comments section showed up I’d be more excited.

  6. Did anyone else think for a moment that this was some sort of Russian
    “April’s Fool Day” prank?

  7. steven … oh ya, we division from time to time vs chuck and dolph

  8. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    Glad too see him out of his safe space… anyone get it :3 ?

  9. Uh…who is Stevan Segal?

  10. Wargaming could do better.

  11. Go Steven…..

  12. Was he confused with the Missouri thing? Did he mean the Iowa? How would
    WoWS introduce a Tier IX premium – if that was the case?

  13. so you invite a celebrity to your house to play a game and that’s the best
    rig you can come up with, a laptop.. you should be embarrassed.

  14. Jake T. Tripfriend

    Wargaming please start selling those giant torpedo plushies. I would pay
    many real dollarydoos for one.

  15. You heard it first here folks, Steven Seagal says the Iowa is the best
    ship. Debate over lol

  16. wtf lol wtf lol

  17. Segal! How very cool!

  18. What’s Steven Seagel’s WOWS screen name?

  19. What was that on his head ?

  20. Damn, his so old now!

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