Still Lots of Love for World of Warships

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Hey all… this is a follow up to the previous two videos I put out, so continuing the conversation about low and mid tier issues and a USN BB split. You all had great ideas that I want to share. Also, the title says, there is still plenty of love for Warships. You all let me know that at both the USS Massachusetts and the Mew Jersey. This in spite of ongoing issues.

-Recruiting Code ( or returning after 90 games or less 15 total)-



  1. Love the vids, best wishes for the weeks ahead. Are you going to the CCs Summit in St. Petersburg? I have followed the game for nearly 4 years, have only been able to play (PC was low speced) since September so I am playing low to Mid teirs to grind the lines, only got my first Teir X (Zao) in the last week and getting to grips with the game. It would be great to see some historic map/ campaign settings like Dogger Bank, Jutland, Midway and Dutch Harbour? A question that you may be able ask or get feedback on is can friendly ships get a Torpedo launch message in chat, much like the Radar and Sonar messages. JUst a way of giving FF a heads up there are Friendly or poss unfriendly fish in the water. Every little bit helps I think. Cheers SgtSullyNZ (asian server)

  2. Anyone else notice Mew Jersey in the description? lol

  3. What I think is that ranked should have multi tiering.
    Basically ranked should be organized so that it is divided between Tier 5,6 , tier 7,8 , and 9,10
    The majority of ranks being 5,6 and 7,8 , while the last few ranks being 9,10.
    You can further add in so that to get “rental” ships you’ll need to rank up to the next tier first, meaning new players have to play the lower ranks so that they understand how to play at the higher ranks a little more.

    Finally, no saving stars for 9,10.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      I agree, the best ranked seasons was the 2nd and 3rd to me, sadly I didn’t had any T10 ship back then. xD But that was a good time, no xp farming selfish players who just tried to save their stars, as everyone in the losing team lost theirs. Many tiers, so it was interesting to play Kongou then hop in to Myoko and fight till I run out of ships. xD

      My idea is: Rank 1-5 Tier 10. You can’t lose Rank 1 and Rank 5 once you reached it. Rank 6-10 is Tier 9 also you can’t lose rank 10.
      Then Rank 11-15 is Tier 7-8, and you can’t lose Rank 15. Then Rank 16-20 is Tier 5-6 and you can’t lose Rank 20 (only rank 20)
      Rank 21+ the old way, but with Tier 5-6 ships.
      Everyone lose their stars in the losing team every time when you can lose a star.

    • reynardt van wyk

      This was done before and wern’t as popular as one set rank as a lot of poeple didn’t apresaite that you had to finish ranked in a t10. i would rather break it as follows Ranked sprint 5,6 & 7 (better reward system for sprint would be nice) Ranked 7,8 & 9 (as Current is fine) Clan battles and a UBER ranked season for T10 (extreamly hard with great rewards and can be run during sprint season). Curently the year is broken into 3. 1 month Clan wars (sometimes extended) 1 month new line luanch, 1 month ranked and 1 month sprint witch includes two sections of twelve days (This is where the uber ranked can be held, preparation for Clan Battles and can even be theemed to extend the difficulty). In my case i would rather play sprint than the uber ranked as i realy enjoy the rediculous tactics and fast pase game play. This is one of the best game modes in WOWS. T10 ranked this season is one of the least enjoiable ranked seasons i have had. Can’t wait for sprint to start and get this season of ranked behind me. (I am a player that enjoy the ranked format and very rarely play random games during a season, T10 ranked is just not as much fun as the lower tears).

    • Remove save a star, force people to work together as a team. If the unicums complain, maybe they should carry harder and actually earn their Rank 1, rather than playing selfishly. maybe the unicums should heed their own advice and ‘git gud’!

    • @reynardt van wyk
      I guess you could make it so that rank 1 is tier 7, 8 while tier 9, 10 is a special post rank tiering.

  4. I would absolutely vouch for a USN BB split, with emphasis on the secondary builds!

    • Matthew Tencza
      Tier 4: Uss Florida
      Tier 5: uss nevada
      Tier 6: uss California
      Tier 7: uss W. Virginia 1944
      Tier 8: uss Washington or South Dakota
      Tier 9: Uss New Jersey
      Tier 10: Ohio

    • @Max 51 Obviously Washington. We have two Sodac BB’s and only one NC class.

    • Better AA and maneuverability in exchange for lower health pools seems most likely given the real-life attributes of NV, PA, TN, and SD compared with the existing line. SD could get a Def AA consumable to set her apart from AL and MA.
      As nice as a secondary line would be, it seems the premiums have already claimed that attribute.

  5. I think that a good thing WG can do to make players want to play low tier is by changing the +2/-2 MM by +1/-1 MM. When I play a T5 ship, when I get matched in a T7 game, It’s really hard to enjoy the game.

    • reynardt van wyk

      Wait untill you play T8 there you are the only ships without heals and almost every T10 ship overmatches you completely, i will add you get some crazy poeple like “FLAMU” that likes playing T8. But i fully agree a match making rework to your suggestion would be nice.

    • Only issue with that is what I love about low t is veriaty. T10 is all the same ships and same map over and over.
      Low t you get so many different maps and so many dofferent ships make for interesting matches
      While being Ranger in t8 stinks its great when mid t. I agree with WG on the 2 up 2 down. How ever t8 is just not right. Every other game its 1 t8 and the rest t10.

  6. line up splits more ships is always good

  7. Francisco Lallana

    “Mew Jersey”

    (Typo in the description)

  8. maybe give out more operations or something for mid tiers, and make it so the reward for 5 starring them refreshes every 2/3 weeks so there’s more incentive to play operations

    • The reward used to be 10-pointer captains, which may be a bit too generous from a busine”s standpoint. But large bundles of signal flags would be very welcome. I think players would very much enjoy a five-star monthly reward of some premium time and 50 of the three basic economic flags: Zulu, Zulu Hotel and Equal Speed Charlie London. For F2Players this is a big deal.

    • agree with this. 5 special signals or sth along those lines could also be good

  9. Look at how slooooooooow mid tier BBs are, and how inaccurate the guns. Short range torps. But I still love New Mexico and Warspite/

  10. I think WoW is in a pretty good place right now. I don’t play CVs, but I like them in the game for the challenges they bring. I am a little tired of hearing about Russian Bias. Every time some some has an outstanding game In a Russian ship, and posts it to YouTube, that is all you hear. However when a Zao, worchester, Yamato or the like has an equal or bigger game, nothing about those ships being OP, because like the Russisn counterparts, they are not. It was a good player in a great game, period. Russian line has been a great addition to the game, As have been been many of the recent ships introduced. The exception being maybe the Azuma, I just can’t seem to get that ship to work. The recently released Georgia is a hoot to play, with six accurate guns and speed boost, it is very different and unique play style. Sorry folks far from OP. If you sail broadside in a straight line right in front of it, you will be sunk. Anymore, it seems if a player gets destroyed in a game it is the fault of OP ships and not the fact that they were not situationally aware of the five ships they were detected by, or not paying attention to the mini map and where DDs were last seen or sailing in a straight line, broadside to multiple enemies. If all the ships that players claim are OP, Kremlin, Conqueror, CVs etc, that is all you should see in the matches, but that simply isn’t the case. I think the Conqueror perception is one of the most egregious. Yes it can start a lot of fires and it is hard to citadel and has a great heal. But is also has the lowest HP of the T10s and most if not all the T9s, along with the weakest armor scheme. It is extremely vulnerable to HE, plunging fire and AP bombs. Play to its weaknesses not it strengths and you will see they sink just fine. The same can be said for all the other claimed OP ships too.

  11. I’d like to have a Battleship which has very good secondary weapons, of course just when the build is intended. But no BB right now has like “realy good” secondarys which makes me sad.

  12. Hey Zoup! Had tons of fun at the event and it was really cool getting to meet you in person. Best Wishes.

  13. Hey Zoup, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the current state of the German BB line. It seems a lot of players (myself included) feel that the line has been the victim of serious powercreep over the past few months, and that they’re just generally not as fun or competitive anymore. It’s a topic that I feel really needs some light shed on it.

    • German BBs would be fun if WG and the player base encouraged more aggressive game-play. The German BBs perform well if you can get your team to be aggressive and push, however the ‘meta’ seems to be a campfest. This is why most people don’t like CVs… a CVs job is to stop people camping. People don’t like CVs because CVs force them to actually learn the game rather than the braindead long range campfest the game has become. Nerf AA, force people to be more active and aggressive and then the German BBS will come into their own again.

  14. kein ding yo

    its a good thing that people are feeling positive about wows, but i just want to add something. as you mentioned, there are a surprising amount of new players playing the game, wich is a good thing for just about everyone (ignoring the skill level dropping), but part of that is because i assume quite a few veteran players left, atleast judging by my friendlist and talking to people.

    im the same, there are so many issues with the game and the developer/publisher, that i couldnt enjoy the game anymore, so i left. wich is a shame, because i love(d) this game.

  15. Ok, question is though – the tiny group of players hardcore enough to travel to an event are OBVIOUSLY still in love with the game. They wouldn’t be there otherwise.

    What about the other 99.9% of the playerbase?

  16. I just starting playing and I fell in love with this game it’s fun.

  17. What about starting from match making?
    Beside that, WG is a big & great company, they’ll find the way to get back on trails sooner or later, and then it’ll be the time to join back in! As for now please keep the great work up and thanks for your vids!

  18. I’m a new player myself, started playing around a month ago.

  19. So I stay away for 90 days and I get rewarded?

    See you in September.

  20. i love this game just brought a GEORGIA tier 9

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