Still The Best Super Battleship – Satsuma

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Man you need to try the twilight battle game mode. Play the NC and it has a special consumable to drastically increase your accuracy. Like landing 9 shells on the same pixel.

    • yeah, instant devstrike button. Sad thing it says like “20% accuracy buff” when it is clearly like 200% accuracy buff 😀 Same with the opposite on other ships

  2. I said it before but i love how pq pulls no punches when it comes to complaining after becoming a cc

  3. The IJN BB line was my first reset, and the 2nd time around from Amagi on up I really enjoyed them. And when I got Yamato I immediately put the unique upgrade on her, and she’s awesome. How does she compare to Satsuma? Do you really need the EXTRA overmatch?
    The 35% extra dispersion is great of course.

    • Why Satsuna is so much stronger than Yamato?
      For me, the answer is ap damage per hit, and of course the 35% extra dispersion skill.

    • Regrinded them recently aswell. Overall the most solid BB line imo.
      Kongo is one of the best silver T5 BBs. Fuso is a god at T6, good armor and lots of guns. Nagato can be a let down cause its so goddamn squishy. Id call her the black sheep, but one of the better black sheeps cause her guns are great. Amagi is a banger, still holds my T8 dmg record. Buffed Izumo is a revelation to someone who suffered through the old version back then like me, but the guns can let you down more often. And then the Yamato… Immune to powercreep and slaps the living sh*t out of everyone, love her!
      For every beginner its my nobrainer recommendation as the first BB line.

    • I have like 6 Kongos in my port… and I have no clue why I even would need 6 of them.

    • @Rene Garcia 😀 Same, i did get all the ARP Kongos back then. I often thought about getting rid of them except one where i can put my Yamamoto on without retraining. But they have some collector value.

  4. I enjoyed the whole IJN line. Sats is a natural extension of that line, but I have to say that Patrie got the shaft in not even getting the same accuracy as Repub.

  5. Me too! I just like hearing this man’s voice

  6. Probably time for a tier list because I’m almost certain there are similar “this is the best ship” videos for Patrie and Hannover. Appreciate the vids, so please don’t take this negatively.

  7. I have not enjoyed Satsuma of late. The accuracy is quite good, though RNG can still troll you. My beef is the reload is a little long (IMO) for only 8 rifles and the glacial turret traverse is painful. Sharing Yamato’s weak cheeks hurts too. Each to their own though.

  8. I picked up the yamagiri as my first super ship and I love it! Two types of torps and burst fire and 5.6 detect just an all round great dd

  9. Wow! Well, I play and in addition to what you said I’ll simply say that PQ is the most interesting, fair, non biased community contributor in this game.
    He contributed positively to the community long before Wargaming “blessed him”. Me and many other learned a lot from him.
    If you want someone with an interesting opinion, PQ is your man.

  10. Superships would be so much better without the the alternate firing modes for example patrie

  11. What is superior in the long range super heavy BB role Satsuma or Vermont?

  12. “The tier 10 sniping meta that we see these days” — said by everyone since 2016
    I realize it is more snipey now because power creep makes ships more deadly (overmatch, more cv’s, high dpm HE spam, whatever); therefore, pushing in is more dangerous.
    I’m just pointing out that people have always said that. In the early days, people sniped because 20km shima torps. Now people snipe because of different reasons.

  13. @danielsemaj makes sense. trying not to sound depressed or angry in a wows game session is impossible

  14. I appreciate how PQ is a CC but still calls out WGing on the “protected CV class” and the demand for better maps. Atta boy! Things like this are how we know you weren’t bought. Stay awesome.

  15. Careful what you wish for. WG’s monkey paw might put just one single high island in their spawns for carriers to hide behind and call it a day. Some maps already had these carrier islands for a long time now.

    • or just buff the cv armour making them invincible outside of 10km.

    • @jimmtheballs The high tiers already are. Hit them at range with plunging fire and see how your shells bounce harmlessly off their armored deck.

    • @Halbostfriese That’s only when they’re bow in, that’s why the best way to start a battle as a carrier I found was to reverse at the beginning of a game, don’t wanna get detected by a Patrie or Satsuma.

  16. To be honest I’m just saying we have are own likings for me personally I like Hannover due to armor and powerful guns you like satsuma and I like Hannover can we agree with both battle ships?

  17. I’ve stayed away from the superships, but after a deeply frustrating game in which a Midway bounced every salvo from my Yamato I might give them a go.

  18. Satsuma and Eagle are my two favourite superships.

    • Yes! I hardly ever play CVs but the Eagle is awesome and the Satsuma is basically a Yammy on roids. Love both of these ships.

  19. Superships, hybrids and subs are what the games doesn’t need.
    It will be fun when the next CW Season starts with superships, subs and cv’s.

    For me it feels boring sitting at spawn and sniping without take any risks in ship like this but everbody having different kinds of fun and that’s okay.
    With the new concepts and descissions like the Battle-Pass, submarines and the decline of the serious playerbase i have to thinking about finishing this this game.

  20. Id grab a Satsuma, but I don’t want to retrain Yamamoto for it, I wish Superships didn’t require a dedicated commander.

  21. The problem with hannover its that it almost never get to that sweet 12km range while still in fighting shape, and guns are horrible, i think that if they had made a supership based on the schlieffen it would be amazing.

  22. Buff is was the shot fired accurately. You can miss by 3 km he could die 1 second after you hit fire doesn’t effect it the buff. It’s based on the aim at the time of firing would the shells have hit if he didn’t hit the brakes and do a hard turn. If yes then it counts.

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