STILL to STRONG ? my first CV REWORK Test || World of Warships

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  1. ofc they are HEAVY Work in Progress…. but i think they are still very powerful. You can just go attack after attack against a ship. Torpedos are very strong – the bombs and rockets not so at the moment. yes you can citadel cruisers with AP but its not as easy to use like the torpedos. what you guys think about the first test ?

    • Panzerknacker I think rockets and bombs need a buff. With constant attacks, maybe have a slight cooldown on squadron sortie, or have the torpedoes not do so much damage from an aircraft carrier. Otherwise I think they’ve fucked it enough.

    • too strong? wow the fucking cheek of you

    • Sounds like a good idea. Rocket fighters could have the fast cooldown, torpedo bombers have the slow cooldown, and Dive Bombers are in the middle. Seems plausible.

    • I watched t10 CV AP bombers so powerful and torp but only Rockets are waste

  2. aaaand yess CV sniping is a big problem now i think !? it seems very easy again…

    • it’s easy to avoide, when you set your AA correctly, and when you react to the snipe -> Press F, start new planes and instantly call fighter planes. Also the cv was static. I never got sniped and I played ~20 CV games

    • Even so, CV is a backline damagedealer now. No more important than any other ship and there might be more attractive targets that are closer to you.

    • CV is too can make other ships be flooding three times in one minute.

  3. they should work on anti air defence now otherwise everything will be flooded in minutes >> especially bbs but it is just my opinion

  4. “Oh wow who thought this would happen?” I saw this coming the moment they announce the rework. The fact that not all the planes release thier ordenance at the same time is OP because the CV player would just wait till you use your damage control to stop the flooding or multiple fires then you are at his/her mercy.

    I know that CVs right now use this sane tactic but atleast you have the chance to minimize the damage but with this rework it’s harder to dodge any assualt.

    • It’s pretty easy: 1. Set the aa on the correct site 2. Don’t be stationary 3. Use Fighter planes.
      I never got sniped. The AA and HP of CVs are good

    • Moreover CVs are more in line with the other classes now and can be balanced more easily in my opinion.

    • I agree with Pikko, set the AA right and keep moving and don’t forget place your fighters. But AA and Positioning is everything. If you set your AA right it will wreck any ongoing attack.

  5. it will be a horror for bbs

    • Not like it is currently on the live servers? ;D When I played bb, I didn’t really fear the planes, they’re not hard to dodge, I mean sometimes you get hitten, but it’s not a 12 Torpedo crossdrop…

  6. Way Too OP… every one goes for BBs… Cv players could Hit BB with torps let him flood… wait for BB to repair and hit him another 2 more times with Torps… and theres nothing the BB player can do to stop it.
    Wows is a Joke

  7. Well OP, yes likely so. But even bigger problem is that it seems easy and repetitive, and thus will rapidly become boring. And boring is death to a game.

  8. Death to BB’s?
    Well maybe the reworked torpedoes are OP. But this maybe just what is needed to stop the BB’s from camping the map border and move up closer to the CA’s to combine AA auras.
    Under current CV game play we already know what happens to ships that stray too far from the rest of the fleet. The rework will only exacerbate it.
    Let’s remember though… It is WIP, and evidently a lot more Work is still required.

  9. I think it would be worse…

  10. Dont like the changes. I mean cv is OP because is the more powerfull ship.. OK. But endless planes… Aa defense even worcester can do shit. They can strike you 4 times. It looks like a more stupid old arcade game. Less rewards for good players. Looks more unreal. Actual cv system ensures more steategy. This New rework Will Hard things to bbs. Spec a full aa ship is now desusless

  11. I have been a player for almost two years and I continue to say and hit my foot: IT IS UNNECESSARY MEXER IN THE MECHANICS OF THE CVS; I still find it more productive for wargaming to focus on a few points as an example:

    Rearrange the matchmaking, you do not fall into tier 8 match to fall into tier 10 match to close team;
    Create the tree Pan Europe, where all ships of nations where there is not a whole line remain;
    Decreasing maintenance cost in tier 10, no premium account is a sacrifice not to lose money with them!

  12. I love these changes ^^

    Not due to bias or favoritism but simply because it means that we’re going to see a greater emphasis in team support. The big battleships will need the cruiser (and even destroyer) support to survive a focused air attack. It also means the commander skills/modules will play a vital role when it come to your ships function/role in a game 😀

    I’d love to see how the cruiser AA will affect the new carrier drops. I’m also excited to see how air-to-air combat will be fought ^^

    All in all, these are big changes but I’m glad to see something new for the CV line ^^

    • Team support? Get real….the exact same statement can be aimed at the current game, and other than divisions, this does not happen!!

  13. No it is not, you flew very smart. I’ve seen other youtubers like flamu being stupid about it. You turned your planes away from AA as soon as you dropped your Torpedos. Keeping your planes at low altitude as long as possible and then turn away! Flamu and all the other “experts” drop their torp way to early and then continue to fly over 2-3 cruisers on high altitude and getting wracked by AA. Also the CV Player should have switched back to his CV and drive the Carrier manually or turn his planes back and use his Fighters consumable. If you have a ship with heavy AA screen use rockets to greatly reduce his AA then come with Torps or Bombs. So yeah it needs some numbers tweaking surely but you just flew very well.

  14. planes should operate at 50% capacity in cyclones. Or even not at all.
    There should be dud torpedoes.
    Planes should randomly fail and crash (very rare).
    If your carrier has been hit, launching planes in the sky should be much slower.
    Any boats targeted by a plane attack should have an alarm ringing.

  15. There will always be skilled players turning CVs to OP ships. Wargaming did not “fix” the problem, they just moved it to different dimensions suited for different players. Point is carriers don’t work the way the “rework” suggests.

  16. 👍toll jetzt haben DDs keinen Counter mehr. Auch die BB AP wird generft was in meinen Augen Schwachsinn ist, spiele selber gerne DD. Doch wenn Fehler nicht mehr bestraft werden dann wird es lächerlich.

  17. When u Can play this New CV gameplay ?

  18. Is it just me or the torp bombers ate now harder to aim

  19. That realy kills your framerate

  20. Денис Канов

    After this update CV be much played

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