STOP CRASHING INTO ME!! | World of Warships

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  1. Big thanks to World of Warships for supporting the channel!

    Play World of Warships –

  2. hi nice editing whoever edited this, still waiying for the video to start! :))))

  3. Well guess I’m staying up now to watch it premier at 3am Aussie time.

  4. Kiffy having anime girl voices, such a cultered man.

  5. kaiffu might as well become an azur ship at this point

  6. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glen wasnt the one ramming you……
    expectations NOT met! 😀
    good vid though

  7. Casper Reininga

    For anyone thinking they heard an anime girl talk: Yes, you did. Kaif was using an Arpeggio of Blue Steel captain on the ships he was sailing in this video.

  8. Leonardo Imperial

    Weeb of Warships

  9. This was extremely entertaining actually

  10. This would be Callis favorite once he gets to play Bismarck

  11. Can we take a second to appreciate the fact that Kaif managed to bump into an Island while showing off the Destroyers?

    Classic SR.

  12. There is an arpeggio of blue steel crossover in this damn Game!!! How did i miss that!!!???

  13. SR Group playing World of warships
    Me: I don’t need it.. still don’t need it
    I NEED IT!

  14. Day 308
    My smol bean still wondering what is the song in background kaif uses

  15. As a wow player, I just watched this with the utmost horror on my face. You guys played so bad… and I enjoyed every minute of it. 😀
    Keep up the good work guys.

  16. Honestly I thought this was just some shit mobile game but I am surprised and I’m gonna give this game a shot

  17. I love the fact that the alerts are voiced by cute Japanese anime girls

  18. Damn kaif hyped this soo much
    Loved this video

  19. I’m sorry Kaif but that intro where you missed with torps and guns at *Point Blank* was painful to watch.
    Edit: As a WoWs veteran since beta, I can safely conclude that *all* of this video is painful to watch

    • ngl, I dont expect skill out of any WG-sponsored video from anybody. you need to sink like a couple hundred hours into these games to be actually decent.

  20. I been playing this game since January from 2020 and i can say its noy very friendly towards new players since there are a lot of things you need to learn from experience, the How To videos from the Wows official channel can provide some info on the game mechanics

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