Store Updates: April Fools Event Teased | World of Warships Legends | 4k | Xbox Series X

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Today we are taking a look at some of the updates to the menus of world of warships legends. And the possibility of the Space Battles coming as this years April Fools event.
redeem for camps: 8T4SGRMV7Y


  1. Nice vid. Oh and it’s pronounced Groser Kurfürst. The ß is pronounced like the ss from Massachusetts

    • Literally just typed that out. Then saw your comment and deleted it.

    • I was dying when i heard him say it, it’s a respectable mistake but it was too funny to not laugh

    • @GFLredsox damn i have so many English friends who pronounces it like b. I usually am calm but sometimes my German fury is taking over and says: It’s groSSer Kurfürst , GROSSER KURFÜRST😂😂😂😂

    • @Dustin Fiedler People try so hard to make German sound hard to pronounce when it really isn’t, just learn to say the alphabet, esset, and umlauts and bam you’re good to go.

    • Hold My GROBBER! Watch this KURFÜRST?

  2. Hold up , did I hear moskova not moskva?

  3. I like that you arnt after this hardcore. Great info in the videos. Your not screaming or complaining. I have started watching your videos more because Tbull complains a lot and I don’t think that spartan is very good. I also like to work during the day come back get stoned and play five or six games a night.

  4. Wish we could sell our Arctic camo for 5,000 steel.

  5. Tommy keep the grind going🥇

  6. Your comment hilight is fake news. It’s booska not blish. Boosh kah vitza which translates to lightning. Also I almost always get my dailies done despite working 12-16 hrs a day but that doesn’t help with steel. That economy is totally bjorked for real, would like the other CC’s to speak about this.

  7. I saw those medals yesterday and was surprised more people haven’t talked about them

  8. I thought the camos would be exclusive with the north cape project.

  9. I bought out the last pass. I ended up 885 steel I think

  10. Full Potato Jacket

    Agreed on steel. I’m not going to buy out campaign for it and the other stuff is just a hassle.

  11. Funny looking B in Grosser Kurfurst is an eszett which is a double S.


    I got 300 steel with regular backing

  13. I’m Polish and pleeeeease….stop trying to pronounce it lol…. you’ll fail every time….. just call it the Polish Lightning 🇵🇱🙃

  14. platipus-shmatipus

    Thx for the code..keep up the good work.

  15. Lol you have completed and currently working on the same projects as I on the bureau 😆

  16. Friend: Takes three months to get tier VI
    Me: Gets tier VI out of a crate lol
    BTW I got Surrey in the crate

  17. I only got 400 somethin steel during that event and honestly im not that worried about getting Missouri

  18. The steel is the goofiest things I’ve seen them do.
    Maybe when they put carriers in for real they’ll provide some new way to earn steel.
    30k steel will take years lamo

  19. I’m So Happy That They Added ODIN To Ships & I’ve Completed My Arctic Bearu 5 Days Before It Ended. Ships Completed: G.K,ALASKA,YAMATO In That Order 😃. I’m Part German,Scottish,British 😃

  20. I would just like to say that the letter “ß” for Größer Kurfurst is pronounced as two s’ which is basically pronounced “Grosser Kurfurst”

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