Stormtroopers should NEVER play World of Warships

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Stormtroopers have a hard time aiming and hitting targets. I now know their pain. You’d think they would have better optics. But no.


  1. So early the thumbnail nor the video has loaded

  2. Even the force can’t help you in tears of the cruisers

  3. That was a funny stream 🙂

  4. Zoup looks like a chibi trooper

  5. Wow You look like HelloGreedo

  6. Do this more often

  7. Dude, you kill me. You either keep your wife laughing or you’re in the dog house all of the time

  8. Well, world of warship would certainly teach a couple of them to accurately shoots. and perhaps command a vessel, i can imagine a star destroyer captain arguing about the bow in play style vs angling considering the way star destroyers are designed. From the look of it in rogue one, the two star destroyers at the battle of scariff were apparently employing the bow in tactic we sometime see in warships.

    • That’s because they can bring all thier firepower to bear. They are way better designed than WWII warships 😀

    • Agreed, and with the shape of the ISD, whether you are broadside or bow in, you have as much weapons pointed at an enemy, the broadside having those huge octo batteries (or at least in the ISD 2) in the case of the Imperial class, i think turning broadside to a capital ship would make the bridge a more narrow target for the enemy to shoot and make it easier to turn away if something goes wrong but would loose time while turning in to pursue their target.

    • not really, if you turn broadside, you can’t use half of your firepower. The ISD is designed, to sit bow in and use all of it’s weapons. The bridge ofcourse, is a weakpoint.

    • redtitan75 if you want to kill a star destroyer just get behind it. Its like a Yammy, they can’t there guns around.

  9. so it’s pretty obvious I need to adjust my mic

  10. So this is why the ships on my team can’t hit the broad side of a forest moon on Endor.

  11. Not only are you blind, it can be suffocating in that helmet. Try playing the game in full armor.

  12. That was one of the most entertaining vid’s of the year. Hilarious stuff.

  13. hello. where can i buy a stormtropper helmet? i´m from Portugal. Cheers!!!

  14. “7/11 was a part time job”. Lmao. Really a solid 9 joke (on a scale of 11 points).

  15. Is anyone else done with ranked? Its so trusting when you get a star then lose a star. It feels more anger than fun.
    And I like t6 ranked better than t8.
    What do you think?

  16. I thought my aiming was horrible till I saw this lol

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