Strange Battle with Chuck Norris! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Hey Spartan love the content! Just wanted to clarify that cruisers shouldn’t broadside a battleship. One did and he got deleted by me in my Bayern, keep up the good work man!

    • Depends. If the armour is weak on the cruiser then the shells over penetrate and won’t do any damage

    • They shouldn’t. Today I was in my Normandie and deleted a Graf Spee that was broadside, then an Omaha decided to go into the exact same spot as the Graf Spee did. He got deleted in a single salvo like the Graf Spee.

    • Ikr, they never seem to learn their lesson, I did it the next match to a french cruiser, got 3 cits

    • Findlay Robertson

      Playing a battle in the Gangut, though I loathe it, I just wanted to top out it’s XP. Deleted three cruisers who if they’d worked together probably could have overwhelmed me. It was a II/III battle and within 4 or 5 minutes I’d sunk the Caledon, then a St. Louis and finally a Phoenix. Yes it was a win but I took no joy in it.

    • The same day I did this (the message above) I got the Tier 3, 4, and 5 Russian battleships in about an hours time. Idk how the Izmail plays but the T4 one is above average but not the best T4 battleship

  2. 4:50 the Iowa didn’t take any torps! He is chuck noris

  3. Chuck is strong, my favorite was lone wolf mcquade, though Walker is the most epic. However, I feel Worf would kick Chuck Norris ass any day of the week. I have to add that lag could be an explanation. I occasionally get lagged out so bad I have a SIX second delay between commands. It usually happens after playing 4 hrs or more, then i have to restart. But ot ruins my game.

  4. I don't have a life

    I was in a Gneisenau and from 16km away I citadeled a bayern twice in one selvo

  5. I also got into a match with 2 ships per side. My Iowa and my teammates Jean Bart destroyed their Iowa and Alabama.

  6. isn’t wargaming a russian company? chuckles disapproves.

  7. That would have been a good match to have twist and track to find that DD.

  8. Love the video and the ending was hilarious!

  9. Name a task easier said than done
    Spartan:trying to find a Japanese destroyer

  10. Can people stop playing tier 5 with tier 6 because sometimes you end up in tier 7 matches and handicap your team

    • Findlay Robertson

      Seen an Omaha and Phoenix teamed up and in against my Queen Elizabeth, didn’t end well for either of them. Me for one and a Fubuki for the other.

  11. if you can’t win a 1-v-1 against a bb in any dd, you shouldn’t play them.

  12. Some say Chuck Norris has no chin under his beard. There is only another fist

  13. Then ending lol, loved the video spartan

  14. Least he didn’t get recked by an Arizona Spartan 🤭

  15. I had a match the other day tier 2 my Smith vs another destroyer that was it. Was over in 40 secs first time I’d ever seen a 1 vs 1.

  16. That’s a more devastating ending than the time I killed 6/7 ships in a Yamato battle that I ended up with 410k damage and a loss…

  17. Could you have tried to stay in the cap circle a little bit longer, passed them in points, then hightailed till the end of the game to win on points?

  18. hitlersmissingnut

    Chuck Norris killed 500 people with a grenade, then he pulled the pin.

    Chuck Norris crushed a 9 person t7 team on his own in a t1 ship.

  19. Naw, Chuck’s alright he is just on day 42 of a pandemic quarantine drunk fest.

  20. Findlay Robertson

    I’ve been in some odd games recently myself… 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 thankfully never a 2 vs 2 or a head to head.

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