Stream highlight // Abruzzi / “SimNavy”

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  1. Just pronounce it “skane” – that’s what it is in my head anyway

  2. I’ll see your Sim Farm, and raise you Sim Ant. 😀

  3. Abruzzi and d’Aosta are in a weird place, probably because they’ve been in the game much longer than the proper Italian tech tree line and, thus, share little in common with any of the tech tree ships. Which, as you mentioned, makes them a bit of a bum deal when it comes to captain training.

    There are some interesting parallels to French destroyers. Aigle is a general purpose DD built along fairly standard lines and, for a very long time, Le Terrible was the single most hated premium ship in the game for being the only DD that lacked a smoke screen. Then the French tech tree DDs were released and it blows my mind that one of the most popular and potent DD lines in the game is based around the least popular premium ship. Even weirder is that, despite this, I still don’t see many Le Terribles . Either the community collectively forgot about it or the reputation stuck despite the player base now having extensive training in not just one, but two, tech tree lines that play without smoke.

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