Stream highlight // Bayern / “How very un-German of you”

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Sometimes even these guns behave themselves, as it turns out!


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  1. The largest land-predator in the UK is the wild Haggis.

  2. 150k in a Bayern is definitely un-German. Well played, Jedi!

    Also, I feel a bit annoyed at the person in chat describing badgers as 50 % aggro and equal parts bad temper and survivability. My suspicion is that it was an American since their badgers are much more ill tempered than our bumbling little cuties.

  3. 1:00 RE: August V Parseval . . . i’m 0/65 on containers for mission. Thought it was Just me when YouTubers were getting all three missions in 15-18 containers. Then confirmation from WG “mechanics as well as odds same for all our players – you can draw the mission from your first container or from the 100th.”( Kirill Zhdanov Wargaming)

    1/100 odds for a tech tree ship is the straw that broke this whale’s back. $%*#@! Wargaming and their predatory business practices.

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