Stream highlight // Fuso / “Young and crap”

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It’s all right, I can say these things, seeing as how I’m rubbish myself…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Fuso was my first favorite Battleship… She was/IS still awesome xD

    She is also the one ship I’ve ever hoped to see receiving a premium equivalent in the form of her sister ship… Having a premium Fuse would be AWESOME! 😉

  2. Destroyer Inazuma

    That tall superstructure though

  3. 4:43 “Some days I pray that we’ll have HMS Agincourt,… in World of Tanks PC”
    Oh, it would be glorious on Lakeville!

  4. I did 216k damage in a Fuso once. Easily one of the most rewarding ships I’ve played. Especially considering the reload on the guns is only 28 seconds compared to New Mexico’s 34.

  5. I agree. We need HMS Agincourt in World of Tanks PC. Not sure how to use it in that game though. On most maps it would just sit in the spawn.

  6. I can just about remember when Fuso was the only tier VI BB in the game – right at the start of closed beta, when the Japanese got BBs, and the USA carriers (oh, and there was a gap in the Japanese cruisers at tier V – so you went straight from Kuma to Aoba).

  7. Fuso is good fun. And killing DDs with a Fuso is fun too.

  8. I almost feel like I want to play Fuso again… then I remember why I sold it: my shells are all over the place around the target and I rage all the time. You feel like RNG trolled you, but think about how many hists you get in this game: it’s one in a million!

  9. Yoinked again, dammit! This was a good one, for the Fuso I have kept in harbour for these very reasons. Thanks Jedi. Streaming this Saturday?

  10. now i am imagining a tier 8 Fuso only with 16 inch guns

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