Stream highlight // Georgia / “USS Ludicrous Speed”

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  1. Hello sailors !

  2. If only WG could persuade Rick Moranis to do a voiceover, and we could have Lord Helmet as a Commander – or perhaps give us a plaid camo for the Georgia.
    You could make the argument, that the base speed (not the engine boost) of the Georgia isn’t that far removed from reality. An old USN friend I served with, was on the recommissioning crew for the Iowa in the early 80’s. He told me that when they took her out for sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico following her refit, in a not-inconsiderable sea state, she rather handily hit 35 knots.

  3. Jedi, glad to hear you’re still in good health (@10:00) and the Kremlin. I did like how your teammate at the end was giving you helpful and needed advice on how to play? Is the Georgia going to be removed from purchase in 2 months, or did I mishear that? Georgia looks good, how is it for tanking? Cheers! Hi to Sam.

    • Sadly, you heard correctly. According to the DevBlog, the Georgia, Massachusetts, Thunderer, and perhaps a couple others are going to be removed from sale.

  4. Damn, I had no idea georgia could go that fast, that would be handy

  5. I call it the “Why am I in the middle of the enemy fleet all by myself?” ship…I do tend to get over-extended in it.

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