Stream highlight // Gneisenau / “Cats, just say no”

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For me, dear reader, it already too late…


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  1. Crikey… again !, more Petunias.

  2. Extinct Uncle and extant Aunt?

  3. I think two is the optimum number of cats?

  4. So in order to perform well you need at least 1 cat trotting across your keyboard and half blocking the screen. I finally know what’s missing.

  5. Sam would like to disagree. Always say yes to your feline masters!

  6. Guess you could say you are no longer playing Gneise Nau? 😉

  7. Ah yes Jedi but you don’t know the secret to multiple cats. Once you have two or more they start to ignore you EVEN more as they have cat friends now. Unless of course, they are hungry or have some other situation they want you to handle.

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