Stream highlight // HMS Daring / “Of brazen cheek & hobnobs”

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If it comes out like this, well… tier 10 destroyers beware.


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  1. First! Oh, it feels so hollow 🙁

  2. I have to check the forum to see if there are unicums and xvm in WoWS. They have a huge influence on matches in WoT imo, and am curious if the same exists in this game.

  3. Some credit has to be given to the development team for making torpedo screens a gameplay mechanic. Even if the victim dodges all of the torps, they are forced into an orientation which allows faster firing ships to take advantage of the situation to land some shots.

    GG Jedi. Even after catches a few shots in your cheeky capping, you were able to come back and have a great game.

  4. her weakness is her short range torps and slow speed, with the current top tier radar meta it’s all too easy to get yourself into a situation where you’re too slow to get away when you start getting lit up by radar so it’s strong against DD’s but radar cruisers will eat her alive if you aren’t careful

  5. Jedi, Bismark’s channel is now Military Aviation History. Military History Visualized in another chap from Austria 😉

  6. Really liked the cap try, good eye for strategy and for the tip on Hobnobs. That would have been sufficient, but the skilled game play made it even better. Well played Jedi.

  7. Charlatan! Chocolate HobNobs should only be touched by finger tips and tea! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!!!

  8. Twas a really good stream 😀

  9. Sniff – I don’t get to watch Jedi’s streams. 🙁

  10. Needs the heal taken away and then it will be fine. It already has very good concealment and high hit points for a DD, plus it can shred other DDs in engagements with the AP (which should stay so IFHE is not mandatory) so enough to keep it alive. I mean if you are low HP it’s not like you can’t be a decent torp boat with 10 torps at 10km, with low-ish detection, decent speed and you have 5.7km concealment.

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