Stream highlight // Ibuki // “His Supreme Lord High Grand Admiral of all the Seas, Sam”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. HAIL LORD IGH GRAND SUPREME ADMIRAL SAM! May his whiskers never droop

  2. Entertaining video given your commentary. “Construct a sentence using these words.” Interesting about the ethic food availability and the potential complications. Newfound favorite mayo is “Kewpie” from Japan. Uniquely flavorful. We get it here (SW U.S.) in our Asian (Chinese/SE Asian/Japan/Korean) markets. Best markets for food shopping in the heart of freeDumbistan ‘cuz the stores REFUSE to allow the non-masked Cov-idiots to enter!

  3. “another snowflake down”, you DO sound like a right winger!

  4. In America, the only groups that have actually had a war on Christmas… were Christians.

  5. Dad would make sandwiches of cinnamon raisin bread and salami, nothing else, loved it by choice. and yes, we know. When I saw my first market in Vilnius, they had a whole AISLE with just those kind of meats.

  6. Oh if only Sam were German, you could call him “Großer Kur*fur*st der sieben Weltmeere” or “Erhobener Fellmarschall der Flotte”

    Also if Sam were female, “Queen” wouldn’t be too far off either.

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