Stream highlight // Mahan / “It’s all gone moist”

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  1. Oh no not again !

  2. “Moist” …. Jedi, sometimes they meow not for food, but attention, or just to let you know they are there, or want some kind of interaction. Sure they’ll eat the food, but that’s not all they want.

  3. Oh god, it’s that weird part of that stream… I had almost managed to move on from that moment.

  4. Nelson class was pretty damn wet up front as was the first iteration of the Scharnhorst apparently.

  5. The Nelsons were pretty okay in terms of not getting wet on the bow, the KGV’s however were horrible because they had no bowshear at all

  6. I see that you do not use any flags?

  7. No smart phone for temporary Sam-cam??

  8. mmmm moist Jedi….things I did not know we needed in our lives…also HI SAM!

  9. Freeboard nice very nautical, approved. Next use the word Tumblehome in a youtube post.

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