Stream highlight // Molotov / “I should be glad to be so inclined”

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What a waste, what a waste, but I don’t mind… much.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Last time i was this early i still had a computer that i could play WOW’s on.

  2. Pet Sam for me!

  3. Jedi, the fubuki could care less about spotting, and you know this,man

  4. I wouldn’t be too harsh about the performance of your team mates, especially at those tiers. Odds are, that Fubuki captain is an inexperienced player who doesn’t yet know the capabilities of his own ship, let alone those of the teams, or understand how important active scouting is.

  5. Sam seems a good cat. I had a very talkative ginger tuxedo a long time ago. Jimmy (indoor/outdoor)would hang outside on the back patio while I read books and smoked, he had a lot to say. Jimmy made it to 17 years. World-class cat.

  6. Saw this one, it was the case of you did what you could in a squashy cruiser. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen

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