Stream highlight // Omaha / “Twistin the game away”

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*Zoidberg noises intensify*


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. First Officer: Beg pardon Captain, we seem to have a bit of a problem.
    Captain: What is it now?
    First Officer: It seems Ensign Pulver was below decks, and… well… he had a bit of a sneeze.
    Captain: Aaaaand?
    First Officer: He seems to have blown a hole right through our hull sir.
    Captain: I hate the Omaha!

  2. There’s a pulsing kind of static in your sound feed.

  3. “I don’t have to outrun the bear: I just have to out run you.” and I don’t believe Drachinifel has done an Omaha video yet?

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