Stream highlight // USS Minnesota / “We didn’t come here to have fun”

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  1. Again ????? 3rd time in a row : is that a new record ?

  2. Possibly the most appropriate thumbnail you’ve used so far

  3. The most disappointed I’ve ever been in a ship save maybe Roma or PEF………..the lack of speed, reload and AP pen at high tiers is painful!☹
    If they gave it 11km secondaries or us heavy AP then fine……but as is theres absolutely zero reason to play the split over the standard line!
    No idea what WGs thought process was here?

  4. HMS Boris Johnson??? Isn’t that biological warfare? aka Vomit Comet?

  5. So THICC.

  6. this ship needs 2 flags to be added in game, McDonalds and Burger King

  7. so the current queen is named after a ship?

  8. think you hit and penned the no 2 turret barbette chance the cit

  9. I played the “slot machine” and basically got the Minnesota for 5K dubs, and stopped there, didnt try to get all the tokens for the Florida…

  10. I live in Minnesota.

    This ship accurately describes our weather; once in a while you get perfect blue sky days with a light breeze and low humidity in summer or fall (represented by citadel hits). And the rest of the year it’s either 100 degrees F ( ~38C) and 90% humidity, OR it’s stupid cold in the winter at -30F (-35C) and add a windchill to that to make it -50F (-46C).

    Weather forecast for today Oct 20th, 2020……six inches (~15cm) of snow.

  11. the channel in two brother should be shallow enough that a battleship sunk would block it completely.

  12. FFS someone buy him a Dog, that would shut him up.

  13. A floating island – almost as big as Lewis..

  14. Probably a daft question but would she be better off as a HE spammer at range ?

  15. “but I don’t wanna play the Minnesota?” looks like with good reason. I won’t be grinding this line. Weel played, thanks Jedi. You may leave the corner now.

  16. These new US BBs make great targets for HE spam.

  17. The RN should go full meme and commission the HMS Thatcher and then have her stationed in Scotland 😀

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