Stream highlight // Z-35 / “Between two smokes”

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With fast firing guns, no speed boost, short range torps, and smokes that are best classed as “little and often” – the Z-35 is a bit of an oddity that doesn’t especially fit with the rest of the line at all.


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  1. It seems to be missing the point 😮 Thanks for the replay ^^

  2. Let the mediocre times roll!

  3. other CCs have gone the long range smoke camping HE spammer. AFT gets range to 14km. Sit in smoke, spam HE, then move when smoke runs out and repeat. This gets round the poor handling and gun traverse

  4. A slightly confused Tier 8 T-61?

  5. Whats with all the twitch content recently? Don’t you go and become some sort of profeshunal streamer PHJ, we’re only here for the derps!!

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