Stream hightlight // Drake / “Beware, the Dread Witherer approaches”

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Why grind this line? Well, uh… you see… no, wait, I’ll come up with something in a second…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. goliath is a good ship but not potato friendly pretty much sums up the player base when ships that have been out for less time have more overall battles :D. And drake is arguably as good as goliath.

  2. People is obsessed with a Yamato for sale: Back in the good old days I could agree, but now, when you can PayPerWin on so many tier XI ships all straight better then their tech tree counterparts and some times better then tier X equivalent?
    How many Thunderers and Smolensks do we have pestering the game (Like Coal could be hard to farm) at tier X? I don’t think selling a special occasion Yamato will affect the game in any way being a fairly common tier X as the only benefit it gives is a better economy and freeing one of your top tier captain for better use.
    The only despicable thing about that ship is you can’t mount the regular Legendary module you earned playing for a hundred battle but you can “BUY” one in the Superbundle (and only there).

  3. Great fun game to watch. Keep up the w/ the good stuff. Mind the cat.

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