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A decent result whilst bottom tier in a Vanguard? Well, stranger things have happened I suppose.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I don’t want to be 1st to comment 🙁

  2. @Jedi, the only reason they are bringing the Kitty back is for the meme’s, to distract us from the dumpster fire that submarines are. On top of the raging dumpster fire CV, DD, AA play already is. It’s the old Kansas city shuffle. You look left, but its the right hand killing you. Or in this case our souls just that much more. -Kansas city shuffle is a Lucky number Slevin reference. Great movie imho.

  3. After this game everyone will head off and buy this ship.

  4. To think us console peeps got this thing as the top UK tech tree BB… and then gave us the Monarch as a Free XP ship. XD At least the PC crowd had the option of turning it down for a better alternative

  5. Tsukiko Yori Yuki Black

    They should have super charge added to the guns as she was designed to be able to use super charge with the 15/42’s

  6. if i remember correctly Notser is a big fan of HMS Vanguard. I agree with the earlier comment that she should have come with the super-charged ammo

  7. im another who quite likes playing the Vangaurd, but yeah it can be painful at tier 10

  8. Don’t tell the Alsace that 15″ guns aren’t good at tier 8 or higher please, she works well for me and I don’t want her to start doubting herself.

  9. Derian le Breton

    “The ships that would be generally considered to be weak and or bad are still going to have their fans…”
    Pity there are no WOWS equivalents of the AMX40 or the TOG II 😉

  10. Some setting issues on the recording recently? I can’t watch these videos in 720p. Looks awful low res.

  11. Please stop spinning the port, I nearly fell off my chair

  12. fans like bad ships?, tank duck rings a bell?

  13. Why the constant twirling the view of the ship ? around and around …. vertigo in abundance. Couldn’t finish the video

  14. I like my Vanguard, and my Roma too. I love these unloved ships.

  15. Jedi, the 15″ guns on Vanguard are different to the 15″ on Monarch. The ones on Monarch are semi-fictional (they are based on a designed but never built weapon), the ones on Vanguard are the same as on Warspite, but supercharged. They actually had higher muzzle energy and pemetration than the Bismarck’s guns even though being literally 25 years older.

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