Stream hightlight //HSF Harekaze / “This was the plan all along”

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Not dead, except between the ears a little. With the streaming I’ve been doing, I hadn’t even really thought about putting up a few highlights up until now, so hopefully you’ll see a little more life around here again. Hopefully.


World Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. There are so many destroyer players in higher tier matches that just don’t understand that they have guns. Even on some gunboats. They are a burden to any team.

  2. You’re back! We’ve missed you almost as much as we miss Caption Guy.

  3. Robert Pettigrew

    Not sure how much you know about the Harugumo but when you go to it do not expect a better Kitakaze like it is over the Akazuki. The Harugumo is a very good ship with all the dakka but is also a very different ship to the Kita. So do not let that cloud your view of the Harugumo and you will have a couple of good ships to provide the dakka.

  4. hello Jedi, glad you’re back. have missed your content. Hope there is much more to come

  5. Nicely done Pointy. One question though: I thought in the new Meta DDs weren’t allowed to kill CVs.

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