STRONK BATTLESHIP – Imperator Nikolai I (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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STRONK – Imperator Nikolai I ()


  1. Take out the Object 906 and the Tu-14T. Test the new theory of the Bias
    Attempt #2

  2. challenge suggestion

    *Phly* I challenge you to do probably the hardest challenge of Warthunder
    history which goes under the name of Peacemaker. It is so hard that some
    consider it impossible.
    *Skill requirements*: -good communication skill
    and a hint of luck.
    *Your duty*: Go into an air RB battle and as you spawn in you set chat to
    ‘All’ and start to convince everybody that the war is over and let’s meet
    up for a big Balbo formation. Simple as that.

    If that happens that is going to represent how powerfull the community can
    be. Gaijin needs to know it. Good luck. And of course…have fun!


  3. Phly take the most biased combo the tu 4 and the zsu 57

  4. why wg add the shitty russian Navy,First than France and Italy?

  5. Phly where is the best place for gets citadels? the red zone underwater?

  6. Wait, why was I unsubscribed ? I thought about it this week end, been
    watching way less youtube these past months, but I don’t remember unsubbing
    to you, I used to watched almost every video !

  7. phly play some battlestations pacific with slickbee

  8. Crtical ops howtogames

    love the into for this game ????

  9. Einstein OneSixty

    LOL< UR a a crazy fucker! Love your enthusiasm...

  10. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    I would find a way to miss lol

  11. dont tell the Baron, but you’re my new favorite youtuber, behind

  12. phly plz we all want the top 5 epic plays back and we dont care about the
    eagle plz phly

  13. what happened with u and Slick

  14. Russian Bias all over again

  15. Bas Van De Kreeke

    still remeber when i rammrd you a while ago when you were in your blysca
    and i was in pensa and yelled FREEDOM last moment xd

  16. XD phly u were going so slow that when u rammed him it cause only damage
    and flooded him and he died in one tick and u survived with 300 hp XD

  17. if phly is playing wt: its ok if phly is playing WoWs: its phloatdaily

  18. It’s all about weight Phly. Weight and armor.

  19. Nikolai can tank Yamato caliber gun, thats why he’s using HE
    just look at 14:12

  20. A6M5 Zero and Ki-49 llb Donryu/Late RISING SUN COMBO (attempt #14)

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