Sturdy Killer – World of Warships

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Another great example of why this should NOT be part of the game but it is not like WG is gonna listen so I will not bother explaining.

Just watch and enjoy the engaging experience 😉

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  1. I have better luck in firing torpedoes at a battleship, watching the torps on the mini map, then pinging the BB at the last minute. Gives the target less time to react. I only submerge if I’m discovered, otherwise I stay on the surface we’re I’m faster.

    • firing the torps, go side way or run away if too many ships around, and so can ping the target 2-3 times, sometimes they reset the ping. remember the Sturdy only has 26kts speed and it is the slowest crap in the game. one thing good about it is sonar will be ready earlier than other sub.

    • @JX Mai I will sometimes long distance ping a target just to get them to use damage con. Especially if I know they are going to get hit with HE by someone else.

    • I have one game with lots of spot damage and 3335 base xp.

  2. it bobs about like a jet ski on the surface

  3. high-energy gameplay. I can really feel the enjoyment through the screen.

  4. I tried playing subs again and kept getting losses because my teammates would either die and I end up running away before dying or trying saving myself and not yolo-ing and still dying.
    Just to see if I’m just shit I picked the pommern and somehow got the top score in a supership game.
    Subs feel like they are just yolo boats.

  5. After i finally got Yamato im currently grinding german BB line and i do try to brawl more. Pushing caps? Actually brawl? Nah man. You get fire spammed and subs harrass you till death. Also happening in T9 and 10 but not as hard as T5/6/7

  6. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    At 5:50 you bumbed into the underside of a buoy and it stopped you, nice detail. Yeaaaah buoy

  7. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    I have an idea to make subs better. Make them unable to go under the surface, remove pings and add guns

  8. I mean, your 2nd game demonstrated that subs don’t even have to suicide to get hug dmg and spotting…

    • No, he’s right.

      If you don’t do early damage in a submarine, the enemies disengage and you’re unable to have game impact. This means the most effective way to play submarine is to commit early, even if you die, especially considering you don’t have to deal with Submarine Surveillance for a certain timeframe.

  9. Thanks WG for subs and CVs!! Can’t wait for mines either….

  10. if a frog had longer legs he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumped.

  11. Has anyone tried using subs to go after edge of the map humpers.

  12. Sturdy is named as such because it needs to be in order to handle all the bullshit WG loaded that damn thing with

  13. I just cannot get over how insanely fast these things are vs how fast they could actually move. Even submerged they can go stupidly fast.

  14. Torps hitting the masts on subs needs to be a thing.

  15. You want a real challenge? Try looking tough while eating pudding.

  16. I play co-op only cos hate and suck at pvp stuff in games. But even so subs can be super annoying with their pings and homing, they break concentration a lot. The crazy thing is how totally useless the depth charge ASW version is. It is NOT EASY to get your ship over a sub, even in co-op. You may zip around in your co-op dd, but good luck ever being able to catch a sub with charges! Every time, you have to gun them down. Even in co-op they will often cause a death even if they don’t hit you, because of the way they catch and direct attention and force counterplay. SUBS ARE ANNOYING AF. I feel WG doesn’t care about the game at core, they sure AH don’t play their own game. Game is rarely FUN. More of a job than a good time.

  17. Can I get a video of you killing everyone in the hot lanta?

  18. just give me the auto-ASW like the beloved CV’s. then i can focus on the game, which is what mainly bothers me about subs. make manual aiming an option

  19. Row, row, row your boat
    Sink the other team
    Torpy, torpy, subs are dorky
    Sink them with all speed.

  20. The same as getting cv spotted next to a cap in a dd and getting nuked by any of his good teammates who are aware.

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