SUBMARINE Balao 6 Kills & 144k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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SUBMARINE Balao 6 Kills & 144k Damage
✅ Link to Replay: ✅
About the Warship: American Tier X Submarine

Map: Northern Waters
Mode: Random Battle
Player: PelvisDestroyer (RU)
Kills: 6 Ships
Players of my team: PelvisDestroyer, bioVIT, S_Nikolaevi_4, Free_Overlord, KasYanOvv, Benzin36, apxahgel_kg, RufusThorn, KOLOSYATOR, SVD_97_SVD, nomad2315_1, Aleksandr_818818
Players of the enemy team: BoJIocaTa9I_KpeBeTKa, amigo0710, _BBEPXy_, ANDrew200612, KOPCAPKPlOK, grishkin_andrei, robroy, IamPoseidon, ROMA163, _The_BOOGEYMAN_59_, KAKTUS_PL, Kiis007
Damage caused: 144294
Version: 0.11.7
Achievements earned: Devastating Strike, Kraken Unleashed!, Confederate

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  1. F… submarine

  2. Excellent job

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