Submarine Balao: Huge 45 torpedo hits on map Haven – World of Warships

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Submarine Balao: Huge 45 torpedo hits on map Haven – World of Warships
Balao: 288k damage, 3 ships destroyed – World of Warships
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Balao is a US American tier X Submarine.
The Balao is part of the US American Submarine line.
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Battle Stats:
Version: 0.11.5
Server: ASIA
Time: 24-06-2022 13:13:29 EU TIME
Player: HKG_Zer0
Ship: Balao
Damage: 288901
Destroyed ships: 3
Map: Haven
Setting: Scottish rocks, tense gameplay.

Mods used for the replay recordings: WG modstation (calm sea, fog removed) World of Warships

You want to send me your WoWs replay?
Requirements: +3k BXP or +300k dmg, or 8 ships destroyed, or Solo Warrior. Send me the link/replay via mail, to find on the channel info page. Thank you!


  1. this is dirty

  2. Антон Крам
  3. I love how _six consecutive submarine-torpedo hits_ on a battleship is nothing more than a stark inconvenience for it.

    • maybe it’s because he only pinged a particular spot once. You have to ping and have it hit the same spot again for satisfactory damage. citedel damage if you hit it 3 times

  4. Submarines ruined the game. Way op

  5. I don’t know why we say concentrate fire on CV but do nothing to it when we whas in range and can destroy it ten time. It should be the first target to focus for every destroyer in every game everyone should know that…

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