Submarine.exe (World of Warships)

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Join me as we venture into the weird whacky homing torpedo oceans filled with Submarines!
Notice how 1 ping most of the time is enough, 2 pings is just nuts.

Yes I know I used copyrighted music but I made to sure to check they wouldn’t give a strike, I don’t mind using their music when I’m not making money (For now on a few vids).. this is a hobby 🙂

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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Memes
3:36 – Meme Montage
6:40 – Sub changes and news
7:28 – Conclusion
7:45 – Outro & Thanks for watching

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  1. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video! I think this is my best one yet tbh 🙂

  2. seems balanced

  3. 0:49 That’s an issue, we will face with implementing new stuff. No matter if Subs are fine or not, some player will have no clue, how to deal with that. Not mentioning the position, but using DCP in the right moment, and he would take only ~20k dmg. :3

  4. Idk why YouTube suggested me this channel that has a small following base but after watching the video I must say I don’t regret clicking

  5. And that is why i dont get premium account any more.

  6. Any resemblance to reality is coincidental.

  7. Found on Reddit, earned a….. Sub 😂

  8. Olaf Messchendorp

    Very cool video! I am excited for subs to be in the game actually 😀

    • I can sell my account to you if you like. 😀

    • want a good account? 40x T10…500M credits, gold, coal, steel….everything well tons of rare premium and special ships. If this shit remains like it is..I am out . No more WG games, ever.

  9. Lmao the memes made this video 2x better

  10. How do you get the sub?

  11. Excellent editing! Idk where subs will end up but you sure make it entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  12. Finally a meme channel about subs. Btw will subs be in game forever? Or it’s just a temporary seasonal shit. Btw butthurt dd players are complaining lot, they got problem in everything.

    • Subs first appeared in a Halloween event, then they went though 2-5 stages of testing on the PTS servers “the footage in the video was from the most recent PTS” and now WG decided to put them into the game for co-op and ranked for “more testing” but we all know they will put them into the game anyways since they spent a load of $$$ on it “like adding underwater features to all maps”.
      Also with subs in the game DD’s will just have a harder time, more multitasking, bigger skill gap and harsher risk/ punishment plays in game.

    • @BaronNaro oooh sounds like expensive project and permanent, but I think subs will be nerfed, I mean somethings will be nerfed obviously.

    • @Chr1stmas Well they just got buffed coming into the live server. I’m sure they will be nerfed or altered in some way “hopefully” The state of subs on the PTS didn’t need a buff hah.

    • @BaronNaro btw I will soon upload my subs game play be kind enough to check em out XD.

  13. How do i play a submarine?

    • Currently the only way you can play a sub is by going to the armory and getting lucky in a sub bundle for the rental subs but I think that event just ended or is about to end. Besides that they should be coming out soon thanks to WG not listening to the feedback.

  14. 1:00 ah yes and now subs can travel faster underwater lol.
    Also another great video!!

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