Submarines are Boring! | World of Warships Submarines

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Submarines are Boring!
Submarines are finally in world of warships, and they feel incredibly dull, the gameplay feels really one dimensional and your going to be spending the majority of the game just sitting underwater wondering why did I click the battle button but that’s submarines in world of warships. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. So what do you think of Submarines? I much prefer surface ships so far, you just feel like you’re constantly being impactful in the game.

    • Elijah Phillips

      The loss of direation is common in real scuba it can be suprisingly deadly divers cant see the diffrence between up and down

  2. Hi good video,i love submarines, but in immersion my submarine lag( the movement Insn’t fluid) the problem is mine?

    • For me the motion is consistent, both when I’m above the surface and below the surface. Bear in mind you will have a slower speed when you are submerged so maybe that could be the possible lag.

    • Thanks for the reply,But how can I stop this lag?

    • @Riccardo Pace You could try contacting wows support, or making a forum post. I’m not sure how to fix the issue you’re having.

  3. Submarines are crap

  4. I have love WoWS. Play it almost everyday for over two years. I have no interest in Submarine game play. I will find another game to play if they are forced in Random or Co-op battles.

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