Submarines Don’t Belong in World of Warships

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Two weeks of not playing World of Warships, only watching news and the dev blog, and then coming back from vacation I have grudgingly come to the conclusion submarines do not belong in random gameplay. They are a ship that has a unique fighting style that just doesn’t fit in WoWS. I know many of you enjoy subs, but even more don’t. And despite numerous players not liking them, Wargaming is destined to force them in to the game, which is not good.


  1. I did some of the testing on subs myself, and I said way back then that they should not be part of the normal (random) game play. They should have their own, or players should have the option to play (or not) in matches against subs.

    • Include CV’s in this too

    • Yes, subs can stay in the game, but they need their own mode. They where lone wolfs (mostly) that mainly gather information or going for special operations. They waited at shipping lines or harbor / river entrances to catch unlucky ships. There role as support ships of ship convoys was established long after WWII when those subs had radically changed, especially when it comes to speed and diving times.

    • @Loeffel Yea. Perhaps the subs in this game should only be in convoy mode. I say that not having played this game in a while, though.

  2. I agree that subs are similar to the dead eye fiasco. With them in a MM at any tier like it was with DDs for BBs. Example I was in a BB and my team pushed up a flank but as soon as a Sub was spotted and submerged. The BBs and CAs with me stopped and either turned around a kited out or retreated. I pushed but sailed around to flank away from the subs last position but the team wouldn’t push. I ended up getting in a crossfire, tanking a ton of dmg and dying.

  3. I have been saying this for two years. if they have to be in the game they should be their own mode, and not in the randoms and not in co-op

  4. I agree that subs don’t belong in Random Battles, but that’s the same argument that we’ve made about carriers since the re-work. I think that we’ll get the same treatment from WG on this one too.

    • I don’t understand how anyone can accept destroyers being these ultra powerful, ultra stealthy game dominating ships that they are and still complain about CVs and subs. During WWII lot’s of “black shoe Admirals” were frustrated at how powerful CVs and subs were but no one worried about destroyers. Destroyers never used smoke screens to advance an attack, they were used to escape and almost no destroyers could reload torpedoes at sea.

      Yes there was one battle where destroyers sank some US cruisers but then they had to withdraw and their resupply mission failed.

      As long as we see destroyers or their torpedoes appearing out of nowhere to sink battleships with one salvo it makes no sense to complain about CVs and subs which really did dominate the seas during WW II.

    • Sir Wöhrnen von Wernohn

      @Chris Austin finally someone said it. Is a submarine really worse than a Shimakaze or a Haaland when you are playing in a BB?

  5. Subs were added to try to make people forget how op and unfair ALL CV are.

  6. I perhaps shouldn’t speak out of familiarization here, since I haven’t played this game in a while, but an idea could be for subs to only exist in this game in convoy mode, wherein one team (the attacking team) consists of submarines, and the other team (the defending team) consists of destroyers and maybe at least a cruiser (perhaps at least a light cruiser, more particularly) and of course the A.I.-controlled or scripted merchant-vessels/supply-vessels.

  7. Totally agree with you,Zoup! I’ve been playing since 2015 and because of the subs I’m about ready to wipe the game from my pc!!!

  8. Nothing like spending 4/5ths of a match being chased by a sub with nothing you can do to fight back effectively.

  9. Who else remember way back when someone asked if WG would put subs in the game and they responded with a decisive “No, we will not add submarines into the game.”
    Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  10. Have you noticed that every time WG has random free bundles in the armory aren’t so random? The premium days are always the last one you get. So thats not random IMO.

  11. Flush them subs. Truly frustrating to be in a bb constantly targeted by one and your team can’t or won’t find it

  12. Hi Zoup, hope you had a great Christmas. I don’t want subs in the game but if they come they should only be in a series of missions IE convoy attack.

  13. I feel the same about way to many torpedo ships. They ruin the game for just gunships. Nerf all cruisers and battleships with torps.

  14. If they are going to keep subs in, then they need to bring in Sonar for DD’s, Cruisers.

  15. They seem to have little impact in the game. I am a casual player, I do not see many sub’s. The sub’s I see get killed off fast. Just my observations..

  16. I don’t hate subs, but I do agree that they should be in their own mode. Maybe a revamped convoy mode with subs and dds only?

  17. A convoy mode would be fun to play in the time period before escort carriers and homing torpedoes. Right now, what should be the strongest ASW ships, DDs and CLs, are the weakest because you have to be right on top of the sub to use depth charges, but it’s hard because the subs are too fast, and the sub keeps you spotted and you get hammered by the opposing team.

  18. the biggest problem with torpedo’s from submarines is you can’t evade the torpedos so what they should have is AA mounts and secondaries should be able to shoot at the torpedos and knock them out

  19. In all seriousness… I love submarines being in the game and it brought me back to WoWs. I think just having cruisers and BBs make the game boring. It’s a new class to play as against, and makes the game more challenging. Sure, you have to learn them, but I think playing subs is actually very fun. No, this isn’t sarcasm. Finally, it seems like a lot of people think WoWs is meant to be a BB only game…. have fun with that.

  20. wtf is wrong with people subs are part of navel warfare lol and should tottaly be in the game ive played this game since release if it was part of real life battles then it should be apart of this game it is a warship simulator and sub ware warships whats the name of this game WORLD OF WARSHIPS not WORLD OF BOATS THAT FLOAT ON WATER

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