Submarines. How to participate in Beta-test? | World of Warships

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You can apply here!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call new ship releases!


  1. Principality of Belka

    I guess the word ALARM! and FLUTEN! will be common in the chat after this.

  2. Was pretty skeptic first, but i am looking forward to this

  3. How Low can chu go!? <*.*<

  4. Me after the Submarine Beta Test…

    “Teki-kan hakken! Gochin-yoooi!!”

  5. TrungVN the Purpdonkey

    Prepare to die

  6. Skeptical of this addition, will be interesting to see how it all works and if it changes the game we all know and love for the better or worse!

  7. Am quite optimistic about subs ingame. Alas, can’t help testing as I’m far from home with a 14 year old laptop. So all you other captains, do your best to help testing these subs and give proper feedback 😉

  8. I wave applied already. When you send 1 wave inv ?

  9. Bloody hell, that dive at the end was a bit fast!

  10. Antekwymiata Wymiata

    How can i participate when i got wows from steam

  11. What are the chance that i will never get invited ever until it hit PTS like the CV Rework?

  12. More quantity then quality. Well!

  13. Ok so will any of the subs have deck guns? I know that some did.

  14. *battleship be like* just cruising along minding my own business. *submarines* im about to ruin this guys whole career.

  15. After 4 years, the game was getting kind of stale to me, but with submarines coming it has renewed my interest in WoWs. Cant wait for my invite!

  16. I am waiting World of warships blitz to come steam. I have not enough storage for wows ;(

  17. will you have submarines at wows blitz?

  18. To which Line of ships will the uboats bei added?
    And to which Stage?

  19. I congratulate World of Warships on its fourth anniversary. Painlles

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