Submarines In Random Battles: Day 1

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. To keep things fair and in line with historical evidence I want homing HE shells for my Thunderer.

    • If you own and play a Thunderer, you’re already part of the problem. That thing is arse cancer.

    • @Francisco Chou and some Phalanx systems too

    • @Steeltrap I have Thunderer and play it occasionally. I spent about £100 on Wargaming stuff before the Commander rework and not a penny since. The problem isn’t me playing a free ship in a free game it’s the FOMO and all the shite that’s being introduced making all the older ships power crept and harder to play. If I was any good at playing my Thunderer it might be a Cancerous Arse but unfortunately I’m merely average so no threat to anyone who can play reasonably well.

    • @Bushcraft1974 imagine wargaming cares about someone who just spent 100bucks lul

    • @Bushcraft1974 Oh yes, it’s the ship that’s cancerous, not you or anyone else playing it. Perhaps I didn’t make that clear. As to being part of the problem, that’s the fact that for all people complain about certain things, WG knows that there are a LOT of people who will not say anything and buy the latest OP nonsense ship. Sadly the research is really clear: online gamers don’t object to OP nonsense, they object to people getting OP nonsense THEY can’t. If they can get it while others can’t? That’s perfect.
      Not pointing this at you specifically, more just saying THIS is why WG gets away with so much misleading, predatory and plainly awful shite. Gamers generally are an atrocious consumer group when it comes to holding anyone accountable for bad business behaviour etc etc.

  2. according to the spreadsheet, those Kürfurst had a fun and engaging game to be honest
    Also those subs makes me feel that I should sold my Haarlem since I can’t fight subs in it (because balans)

  3. Droid Motorola 388

    Idk man. The player wasn’t playing with his damage control properly.

    – Wg probably

  4. So playing sub is basically either being sentenced to death or jailbreaking?

  5. 1 – Subs greatly reduce total DMG to get in a game.
    2 – Most players will be nubes, and subs will be ineffectual
    3 – High skill players will crush

    • ur total dmg doesnt matter percentage damage is what gives rewards ur more likely to get more rewards now cause 1 salvo of ur shots or depth charge airstrike will take like half the subs hp so about 5k hp wich is the same rewards as doing 50 percent to a bb with 100k health

    • @ana Understood. I just like improving all my stats. Exp is important for sure–it is influenced by % dmg more than raw dmg. Got it. But this does reduce dmg opportunity. So, Exp isn’t the only stat. I gamify most of my stats—everyone has their goals.

  6. Tomas Coen Mitrani

    This is sad to watch, knowing that the game I loved for all these years will never be the same.

  7. Even after all the BS war gaming has done in the past, I still love the historical ships and play the game. After playing with Subs in randoms for the first time yesterday I think I’m done for good

  8. There were subs in a few games I played last evening and they were pretty easily dealt with. That’s probably due to players not yet understanding how to get the best out of them. The surface speed of subs is too fast – they are micro DDs in a way and that should be addressed. Subs AND CVs in the same match is going to make life hard for all ships.

  9. I can’t be bothered to play this game anymore. Uninstalled today after 3 years

  10. I played against subs yesterday and it sucked really hard. I wont suffer this for long.
    The homing mechanic will kill the game.

  11. Wargambling making the meta even more passive. Amazing. But don’t worry, new brawling German BBs on the way for any masochist that still tries to push. Thanks WG!

  12. This was the last nail in the coffin for my time in this game, it’s a terrible addition and I won’t be playing this game anymore.

  13. This is the last straw for me, uninstalling and quitting WoWs for good.

  14. as a DD main I just uninstalled yesterday when I heard subs introduced in randoms. watching this I did not feel a single bit of regret

  15. Tamás Kerecsényi

    The only regret i have is the huge amount of money spent on this game which has finally became unplayable. Well done WG, you lost a whale.
    These homing torps are utterly ridiculous.

    • @ana very good whataboutism argument. Battleships and cruisers didn’t carry infinite ammo but i was enough to last for hella lot more than 20 min engagement. If you are referring for destroyer then i agree, they should have limited torpedoes as well.

    • @Teodor Dimitrov ur just bad at the game wich shows by ur comments

    • @ana another amazing argument from wg bootlicker. I hope the taste isn’t sour. FYI i am slightly above 64% wr if that even matters for objective opinion nowadays because using wows monitor i see only red every battle. Must’ve missed you somewhere around that growd

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      @Teodor Dimitrov leave him be in his ignorance, his first counterpoint was homing torpedos being a real thing without realizing that this game is about ww1-ww2 ships when homing torpedos was a thing of the late 1960s’ and onwards.
      It’s like i would tell him why is he mad because i shot him with a sniper rifle from a mile away while playing a middle age sword to sword combat game since sniper rifles are real as well.
      He just doesn’t give a flying f about letting decades older ships being raped by new tech, thats it.

    • @ana yeah wire guided in the modern era. In world war 2 they were dumbfired.

  16. I wish battleships would get this type of dev. Strike consistency on broadside targets as subs do with double pings

  17. Had a game today, 2xSubs, 4xDD’s,5xBB’s, 1x CV…T8-T10. I was in the BB…and spent 6 min’s hardly able to shoot any BB’s as they were at the back of the map there side. All the DD’s were smoking up, Sub’s were hiding. game lasted 16min’s. I’ve been playing WoW’s for nearly a year. I ended the game with 4 kill and top of my team (i was a top tier BB). But, I finished the game feeling it was the worst game I’ve ever been in. It was so frustrating. So dull. The least amount of “fun” i’ve had since I picked up this game. An I played through the Thunderer, dead eye, HE spam era. I really will have to consider if I want to continue playing this game much longer. Between the Dutch cruisers gimmick and subs. I’ve been enjoying it way way less.

    • Would say that the Dutch cruisers are okay, compared to the frekking idiotic submarine torpedoes.

    • @Alexander low standard to compare them against though…everyone you try get into any sort of tactical front line position, there is always a Dutch cruiser ready to drop bombs on you.

  18. Wg should just put a game mode free of CVs and subs. And let the players show them if they like CVs and subs.

  19. Damage con’s cool downs should be cut in half. When’s the perfect time to pop it? Between the HE spam? Torps from the surface ships? CV’s and their infinite planes? Now toss in sub pings or risk getting one shot by a single sub toro salvo

  20. Wargambling: “hey, you know how people hate a certain class because there’s no viable way to counter them unless they massively fuck up? Yeah, we added another one”

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