Submarines in World of Warships | Trailer

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Update 0.11.9 introduces a new ship type into the game—submarines. These are stealthy and cautious hunters that are capable of diving underwater and attacking their enemy while submerged. Their trademark armament is acoustic homing torpedoes.
U.S. and German researchable submarines will be the first full-fledged representatives to emerge (or submerge!) in the game. Read on to learn how to obtain these submarines in Early Access, as well as how to both effectively helm the new ship type and counter these hunters while helming other ship types.

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  1. Need seperate gamemode

  2. Separate gameplay needed

  3. ASW for Dutch cruisers when?

  4. Remove the Sub !!!!!

  5. No one want submarine in this game
    Even the CV are a dumpsterfire

  6. Haha your trailers have been better. But that fits to the whole submarine experience. How you don’t listen to your players. How you even describe why subs are broken in your trailer.
    How you invent things that aren’t true. But you don’t have neither the balls nor the courage to admit that you made a mistake. But you will see the exodus yourselves

  7. If only it was like in the vid and sub detection was based on sound (like propeller speed and torpedo launch)

  8. Can we get a separate mode, please?

  9. Ayaka_Rei Stellar

    Make a separate gameplay option. Playing with sub is spain

  10. LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

    More testing needed.

  11. “there’re.. no.. submarines.. in the game…, we looked at it, and it just doesn’t fit with the gameplay, you got these small things that are practically invincible unless you have to be an aztec range which back then wasn’t all that long…” ehh.. sorry…

  12. There’s no way a man can have a family that loves him if he plays subs

  13. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    I want a Captain plushie!

  14. “Last time on animal geographics”

  15. Sorry but not excited or happy about this. Subs ruin the fun in my opinion.

    • @Chad Don’t need to be I just want to have fun. Sorry if my opinion offended you.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @dmasters 180 If you want to have fun, play a single player game, not a competitive online pvp game.
      Your opinion is just dumb. You play a competitive game to “have fun” and when something counter you and beat you, that’s not fun so you whining.

    • @StarshipEnterprise so all muliplayer games are not allowed to be fun… sure that makes sense.. people play competitive games not to have fun. Thats really insightful. My opinion is entitled and just as valid as everyone elses there is no need to be calling my opionion dumb and trolling .. it doesnt help your case. Lock on torp spamming is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I’m clearly not the only person that thinks that too. Everything needs to be balanced and fair. Subs are not and I honestly cannot see WG fixing that.

    • @StarshipEnterprise “if you want to have fun play a single player game” has to be one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read. Only sadists play games they don’t enjoy and most people like the competitive atmosphere of a PvP game whether they take it super seriously or play more casually. News flash, it’s possible to be competitive and have fun at the same time; fighting bots doesn’t give the same sense of accomplishment at all. Learning and adapting to change is one thing…having to tolerate the introduction of something that has clearly been shoehorned into the game in an unfit state is quite another. The vast MAJORITY of players don’t like playing in or against subs. Look how few have been in the battle queue despite them being freely available from mission chains – I have seen more CVs queuing up for the duration of the testing period. Look at the comments and dislikes on every piece of media put out by WG regarding subs. If you enjoy them, then that’s great, but your assertion that someone is an idiot for feeling the addition has diminished their previous enjoyment of the game is pathetic. Sub Vs sub combat is objectively terrible, DDs somehow have the worst ASW and get out-spotted and BBs face incessant pings that burn damage controls and further encourage camping. Subs have very little impact on the battle result so it’s not even an issue of them being OP. They exist to just ruin the games of the couple of players that spend the entire match getting focussed.

  16. Delete subs

  17. The only good thing with the “Official” pre-release of subs is giving them there own game mode, their own operation, I hope it becomes permanently available to run with random teams, side by side with the random ops (next update), I hope they make a few more scenarios for the sub so the don’t get too bored and stay with the ops, it will make the general playerbase happier as more sub drivers will play the new ops over Random, co-op, Ranked, and Brawls. I know that is the only place I will take subs out,

  18. This underwater sniper is gonna go Rampage Ramsey all over again

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