SUBMARINES – LIKE IT OR LUMP IT!! World of Warships PTS 0.9.4.

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First look gameplay of the third test iteration of Submarines before they come to the live server in update 0.9.4 despite massive community misgivings. Available to play now on the Public Test Server.

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  1. Apologies for the slight mic distortion early on *shrug* my loyal old ‘DIY’ PC is giving up on me.

  2. I have no faith at all in this. 🙁

  3. Bye bye wargaming I for one will NOT be playing this game when they come out

  4. lol so Russian subs get a heal…. that’s not at all favouring the dam Russians…

    • Farmer Balmer USSR is the only side I refuse to play as. As far as WW2 goes the US, Japanese, Germans, and Brits has the real fights at sea.

    • Honestly the heals not that good. I find the russian sub lacking compared to the other two.

    • Wait a minute… Smolensk is a light cruiser…. So one of the only tier 10 cruisers that will be able to enjoy the mechanics of depth charges will be this cancerous ship…

  5. Thank you for the video. I will never play subs or play against subs. I never wanted them and now even more don’t want them.

  6. BARF… GAG… darn-it, soiled my mask. 😉 WG has completely lost it. Going to check out WarThunder. All of the WoWS youtubers may want to look for a different game to cover (cause the dark days are coming I’m sorry to say).

    • Naval warfare in WT is a lot of fun, but it is nothing like WoWS. You can try it for free though, so no risk I guess. It is a bit of a grind to get started, but you have to get past the torpedo boats and try the gunboats to appreciate the broad range of gameplay experience the craft provide.

    • War thunder naval battles are just as garbage. Plus the grind is even worse. Turn back now. We need an alternative game to wows. Like a Navyfield 3.

    • @Jared Young War thunder naval is just air rb with boats

    • Try World War Battleship on Android, it’s pretty cool and a proper Naval Warfare simulator on mobile

  7. The brief experience I had with them on the PTS is they feel completely detached from everything else going on, even compared to carriers. In their current iteration, I don’t think they add anything to game other than something else to balance. Seems like playing a sub is a mini-game separate from everything else. May be even further from ‘realistic’ but the halloween variants seem like they would’ve had more interaction with the game, as stupid as it would be to put those into the game.

    • Eternally Angelic

      I couldn’t disagree more..

      DD’s are now the cappers of the game, taking that job off of the DD’s. Which means DD’s can now skirt the edge of the map, and or support cruisers, either way taking the pressure of CV’s off of them as well.

      The people who protect their subs the best, wins. It actually brings naval warfare full circle with submarines, as now the full holy trinity of naval combat is in the game, and it opened up the jobs of ships a bit more in every category.

    • Whats the problem??? Subs was the best class of all and made for yolo guys!!!

    • They should limit their concealment with 2 engines a 0.5km electrical engine with 1 min of work and diesel engine that make to 5 to concealments as dds!!! You need to charge the battery with diesel engine!!!! And thst will make historical and balance. Also the electical system should low the concealment eith hidro at.ñ 2km because hidro was made from noise and electical engine is a counter noise

  8. My hope is for a scenario battle where you play as a wolfpack attacking a bot convoy or the other way round. You could even do it PvP in a separate game mode.

  9. Ivan TheTerrrible

    So, please tell me. If majority of players don’t want subs in game, why you insist on implementing them? Beside making more money of course.

  10. So are you not shackled and chained up in a dungeon in Russia anymore?

  11. Thanks for the concise round up and opinions, we will have to see how it all turns out and if there are further changes. Personally I think all Crusiers should have depth charges, this would then negate the need for light cruisers and DD’s to play so defensively until the end of the game so that they can do something with depth charges because no one else could. It would also mean the Subs have to look out a bit more. If they all need to have heals fine, but I think it would lessen the impact of the subs in a few ways with one change.

  12. Nervous? No, that’s the wrong word. At this point I have no words for the lack of brain matter in the WG balance team. Homing torpedoes, I don’t care how toned down they make them have no place in PVP. Put it in PVE, put it in missions. They should aim like everyone else has to in PVP.

  13. Remember when WG said subs would never be in the game? Good times.. too bad the era of WG keeping promises is long gone.

    • Only as long as the money doesn’t run out so they must be short of a ruble or two

    • probably all the devs and managing department who know what’s good for game changed in 2018-2019…

    • Heheh the economy department said we csn make anymore paper ships let s add subs!!! Here we go. Sell premiuns subs etc etc. There is a french sub with battleship guns

  14. I spent a few hours testing them last night and they are a terrible addition to the game, if you play sub division up with a light cruiser you can effectively block off a whole cap to the enemy team

  15. Personally, I always have been excited by submarines in game; however, it’s really difficult to put it in the game because submarines didn’t took part in great battles in close range between warships (that remembers me a class of ship with a very flat deck mmmmh) because they aren’t really made for that. So it’s kinda sad that WG just want to rush it into the game even if player base can wait it to be balanced and finished… I guess it’s another step into the grave for the game, and that really annoys me, it have so much potential…
    However wrecking bbs with subs is cool as fuck xD

  16. This gameplay looks so boring. Like yes, I want to sail around in a circle over a submarine, press G, and wait. So much fun.

  17. We implement this whether you Like it or not? No offense but this is a bit of twisted logic, It’s kind of like going to your favourite pub, and being told by the staff that they will no longer serve beer. Or your favourite steak house and told they will only serve vegetable now whether we like it or not. I am not sure that steak house will keep it customers.

    As far i am aware, videogame just like any other activities is a business model and they should be listening to their playerbase instead of well, pushing them away with statement like , we change everything whether you like it or not.

    I acknowledge that this is their game and they can do what they want, but the client can also decide to play or not based of whether they like the content or not. With the quarantine, they have the opportunity to bring and keep their player, they should probably seize it and the first step would be listening to their player base and what they want.

    Personally, if they insist on pushing submarine on a pvp mode, it should be permanently on a separate mode and if needed, give extra xp to encourage people to play it. Otherwise it is likely unbalance the game further. Destroyers and slow 21 knots standard battleships are those that will suffer the most.

    Destroyer are already stretched thin, Spotting enemies, caping, fight other destroyers, spot torpedoes, escort larger less maneuverable ships with their defensive aa or hydro. Avoid radar ships, Harass targets. Also, will a pure gunboat destroyer like kleber or Haragumo with high detectability compared to a ijn destroyer be willing to chase submarine especially or will it keep harassing ships with it’s guns? what happen when all anti submarine destroyers and cruisers are destroyed? Will a 21 Know battleship be able to escape and evade especially with homing torpedoes?

    At least in Battlestation pacific, they were limited by their historical mobility and had to be well positioned to be effective, and their torpedoes did not make a passable imitation of mark 48 torpedoes. I will adopt a wait and see approach but so far, i am wary.

  18. I like your open minded approach , Top Notch there Old Bean . was Streaming them yesterday and there was a lot of discussions in the chat . from both sides of the train of thought . but I have encouraged all of them to join the PTS . some have and joined us on stream . which was very nice . the realisation that they are not the monsters they thought they would be was lovely to hear . I even dodged some homing torps in a Fuso . . . obviously my torp magnet was on the wrong ship lol Back to testing . . . Ping . . . Ping . . 😋

  19. BYE BYE WorldofWarships

  20. dont be surprised by russian bias.. ” Working as intended comrade” spreadsheet says so

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